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Spring-like running

Remember how I couldn’t stop thinking about this? Well, it happened.

Please promise me, if you do one thing today besides sitting on the couch and stuffing your face with chips, dip, beer, guacamole, chili and cookies during the Super Bowl, let it be making this french toast. Please, thank you, and you are welcome.

In other news, the state of WI continues to be spoiled with spring-like weather. This makes me incredibly happy. Running in the February sun in capris and a long sleeve shirt? Yes please!

Saturday morning I was down at the Milwaukee Lakefront coaching a new group of Team in Training athletes. After putting in 4 miles with the team, I headed out for 10 more on my own. Running long on roads is not ideal since I am training for a 50 mile trail race, but I can’t argue with this scenery.


Post run I treated myself to a soy mocha from Alterra Coffee, aka the best coffee in Milwaukee.

Today’s agenda includes hitting the trails for a 7-8 mile run, grocery shopping, and working around the house. My productivity this weekend has been astounding thus far, and has included cleaning, touch-up painting, priming trim, and making training calendars for Steve and myself. I have no plans to watch the Super Bowl, instead I think I will actually cook a dinner besides roasted vegetables.

Are you watching the Super Bowl? Do you care who wins or are you in it for the commercials?

Did you get outside this weekend?



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