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Smoothie soup & a run in pictures

Lately I have had a bit of a conundrum on my hands. I often crave the healthy deliciousness of a green smoothie, yet I also want to actually eat something that requires chewing. Sometimes I have some toast alongside my smoothie, but am never quite satisfied with it. Enter my newest obsession, smoothie soup. I had it for dinner last night and again for breakfast this morning. Steve thought I was crazy, but isn’t it pretty? I just love the vibrant green.


This breakfast smoothie soup contained a banana, soy milk, 1/2 scoop Vega Whole Food Health optimizer Vanilla Chai flavor, a crap ton of spinach, frozen mango chunks, and ice. To make it extra thick I added a pinch of guar gum and xanthan gum to the vitamix. I poured my thick creation into a bowl and topped it with a handful of Kashi Puffs, a handful of Kashi Berry Blossoms, a handful of mixed nuts and some coconut. Problem solved! I got to eat my smoothie and it was extremely satisfying and filling. Win!

Over the weekend we had one day of summer in Milwaukee. Temperatures soared into the 80’s, and though I didn’t have a run on the schedule, there was no way I wasn’t getting out in the heat! Maybe I’m crazy, but I actually like working out in the heat. Steve and I headed out for an easy 7-miler, and I brought my camera so I could show you the beautiful route I get to run every day. The temperature as reported by Walgreens at the start of our run:

View of Lake Michigan from the top of St. Mary’s Hill. This is the hill I have been doing my hill repeats on. You can’t really tell from the picture, but it is looooong and pretty steep in spots.

Another view of the lake from high up on the running path. In summer the view is a bit more obstructed with the leaves on the trees.

Lake Drive is full of old mansions that are fun to look at.

Then it’s through Lake Park. There’s a par 3 golf course as well as tennis courts and lots of open space and trees.

After running through the park, we headed downhill to the lakefront.

There were plenty of people enjoying the beach.

Unfortunately the custard stand is not open for the season yet 😦

The lakefront path was so crowded. In Wisconsin, everyone knows that on a day like this you get out and take advantage of the weather. You never know when another nice day is coming.

In case you were thinking about doing a little ice skating today, probably not such a great idea.

Another view of the lake:


The Milwaukee Co War Memorial. Steve and I got married here on the huge terrace overlooking the lake almost 3(!) years ago.

Wanna see?

I accidentally took a picture of Steve’s foot while we were waiting at a cross walk. Check out his cool new Vibrams:

And as reported by Walgreens towards the end of our run:

Yes, it says 87. What a glorious day. I want summer. Now.

As much as living in Wisconsin in the winter makes me want to curl up and die a slow death, the summers are nothing short of amazing. They only last for 3 months or so, but they are jam-packed with beautiful weather, boating, running, biking, festivals, and parties. Nevermind the humidity and mosquitoes, just nevermind.



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As of today, I am officially no longer LW. I spent the entire morning at the SS office, the DMV (awesome!) and the bank. From this day forward, I guess I will be known as LC.

The SS office was painless. There was only one person ahead of me, so I only had to wait about 5 minutes. I handed over my documents, got my receipt, and was on my merry way.

The way became less merry right about the time I walked into the DMV (aka hell on earth). Over the past few years, I have spent entirely too much time in these establishments. Two summers ago I got my motorcycle license (that required two trips). Then at the end of 2007 my license expired, so I had to go again. It is worth noting that during that trip, the fire alarm in the DMV went off no less than three times, once after I had actually made it up to the window and was in the middle of my transaction. Each time all patrons were herded outside into the parking lot while we waited for the fire trucks. THREE times.

I digress. Upon entering today, I promptly checked the scrolling sign, which notified me that the waiting time was 21 minutes. Not bad. I filled out my papers and sat down. I looked at the board and was elated when I saw my section was on number 230. I was 234. I waited. They called number 231 fairly quickly. Sweet! I waited some more. 25 minutes go by before they called 232. I was getting pissed. 21 minutes my ass, douchbags! A child was screaming at the top of his lungs non-stop. A woman from the DMV went over to the mother and let her skip everyone and go next, for the sanity of the other 950 people in the room. 50 minutes after I walked through the door my number was finally called. I took care of business, got my photo taken (why does my face always end up looking like an oil slick in these photos?) and got the hell out of there and into my eleventy billion degree car that was baking in the 90 degree sun. Ahhh, air conditioning.

I headed to the bank, which was quick, and with that, I was LC. For the past three weeks, people have been asking me if it feels any different to be married. I always reply no, it doesn’t at all. We’ve been all happy and giddy, but we have already been living together for the past few years, so what would be different? The name thing though, I have to say it’s a little weird. I had a pretty cool last name, in fact all of my past nicknames have been based on it. Lot’s of people actually call me LW. LC doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it. Not yet anyway. And let’s talk about my new signature. It sucks, to put it mildly. I always mess it up at the end, and it looks like perhaps a third grader wrote it while practicing cursive in their penmanship workbook. I will get used to it, I know, but for now I am entertaining the idea of getting a cool tattoo that somehow incorporates a “W”, just so it can always be a part of me. Lame? Maybe, but I like the thought.


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This little flower girl is NOT happy

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Wedding Recap

Ok, here we go. This will probably be pretty long and photo heavy, so sit back and enjoy! Let me start by saying again that we couldn’t have had a more beautiful day on Saturday. The day flew by so fast, it was so hard to take everything in!

Let’s back up to Friday night, and our awesome rehearsal dinner. After the rehearsal, we all headed over to La Perla for some delicious Mexican food and margaritas. They put us up on their outdoor terrace, and it was the perfect place for our group of about 40.

Me with Michelle (bridesmaid)

And ring bearer Andrew. SO cute.

Moving on to Saturday morning. The War Memorial called in the morning asking if we still wanted everything set up outside for the ceremony since there was a chance of rain. I said yes, definately! I just had a feeling that it would be a beautiful day.

Here we are getting our hair and makeup done. I think one of my best decisions was having a hair and makeup person come to us on the day of, rather than having to go to a salon. It was so much more relaxing being in one place and not having to run around.

This is the view from the room where we got ready. The chairs were already set up for the ceremony.

Ready to go! Seeing this photo, I think I was starting to get nervous.

These are my favorite pics from the ceremony. The flower girl is hysterical, running up the aisle screaming “mommmmyyyyy!!” The matron of honor (right) is her mom. Her and my aunt are waiving to get her to come. This just cracks me up. I hope to have video of the flower girl to post later this week.

Here’s me walking up with my dad. Surprisingly, I did not turn into a big puddle at this point (or at all in fact). I was actually trying not to look at everyone beacuse I was afraid I was going to lose it.

It seems that my eyes are closed in many of the pictures, but here’s a good shot of my hair flowers. I LOVED my hair.

The sand ceremony. We had a rather large container, so this took a while. It worked out ok though, because my brother and my cousin were singing a duet at this point. We overfilled the bottle a little, which made us laugh, along with the party music from Polish Fest going on next door.

The kiss!

Mr. and Mrs. C!!

The bridal party

This is just after being introduced into the reception. I wish I would have peeked into the room before everyone went in, because I really didn’t get to see what the tables looked like with the centerpieces. Hopefully the photographer got some shots of that.

We had individual cakes at each table as the centerpieces. We had three different flavors and told all of the tables to mingle about and try the different cakes. They were so yummy!

Our first dance was to “Lover Lay Down” by Dave Matthews. We are NOT good dancers, so we kept on looking at each other and counting down the minutes until the end of the song. We did do a good dip at the end, but unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that yet.

My dad got misty-eyed during our dance to “Lullabye” by Billy Joel.

The rest of the night was spent partying down old skool style, so I will leave you with a collage of images that capture that feel:

And by far my favorite photo of the night:

All in all it was absolutely fantastic! We have already had people tell us it was the best wedding they’ve been to. People also raved about the food. I was glad we splurged on the dinner (we had a combination plate of filet and chicken in a puff pastry), because everyone loved it. I didn’t do many of the little details that people seem to get so hung up on, and I don’t think anyone noticed. My point is not to drive yourself crazy with all of the small stuff. I didn’t really stress about anything leading up to the day. Whatever got done got done, and whatever didn’t, well, who cares? We had an awesome party, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

In other news, people were so generous with their gifts I was sort of blown away. We were able to book our honeymoon yesterday, and I can’t wait! We are going in November, and we will spend 9 nights in Belize!!


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Wedding Teaser

I’m finally married! We had a perfect day on Saturday. The weather gods we looking after us, all of the vendors were fantastic, and everyone had a blast! I am planning to do a full post tomorrow complete with many pictures I’m sure, but for now, here’s a teaser from my mom’s camera:

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Things I am looking forward to this weekend…

– Partying it up with margaritas at the rehearsal dinner Friday night. Mmmmm…..Mexican….

– Spending our last night engaged together.

– Waking up Saturday morning and knowing that by nightfall, I will have a husband.

– Spending all morning with my girls, getting hair and makeup done and relaxing. This will probably involve bloody mary’s.

– Steve seeing me for the first time in my wedding dress when we meet for pictures before the ceremony.

– Walking down the aisle with my dad. I hope I can keep it together.

– Saying the vows and officially promising to love each other forever.

– Having cocktails outside on the plaza.

– Visiting with all of our wonderful family and friends.

– Being introduced as Mr. and Mrs…

– Hearing what the best man and matron of honor have to say during the toasts. I expect to laugh and cry.

– Eating some delicious food.

– Eating some delicious cake.

– Dancing the night away and partying like rock stars.

– Coming home and letting it sink in that we are married!

– Getting together with our families on Sunday for some casual food, drinks, and gift opening.

– Sleeping in on Monday and then spending the day together doing something fun.

I. Can’t. Wait.

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Weather Stalker

After years of loyalty to and the 10-day forecast, I recently discovered and the 15-day forecast. Awesome. Now, I realize that weather forecasters have trouble being accurate in describing the weather for the next 5 minutes, but for the last few days I have been stalking the 15-day forecast. I am completely neurotic about the weather over which I have no control, always have been.

Today is the first day that the wedding day appeared in said forecast, and here is the prediction:

This better be subject to change in the next 15 days. Do you think it’s bad luck to stalk the weather?

Neurotic. Case in point.


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