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Never say never

Once upon a time, there was a girl who ran.

She ran and ran until just running wasn’t enough. She bought a bike and learned to swim.

She trained and trained and one day became an Ironman.

In that time the girl met a boy. The boy did not run or bike or swim. Try as she might, she could not get the boy to exercise.

That boy became her husband, and she realized that he would never run or bike or swim.

Until…he watched her that day become an Ironman.

And decided that he would be an Ironman too. Thus began his journey. They trained together, he became an Ironman, and so did she again.

Though the day was fantastic, she said never again. Too much biking, too much swimming. I just want to run.

And run she did. She took to the trails and didn’t look back until she had run 50 miles all in one crack.

When Ironman sign up day came, the boy was all in. The girl said not me, never again. Yet in the back of her mind she felt a fire that only burned brighter as the day went on. That night, staring at the screen, she was uncertain in how to proceed. The form was filled out, she was one click away. After much hesitation, she caved in a moment of haste. Still uncertain, there was no turning back. Here we go again, she thought. Here we go again.

Never say never.

Ironman Wisconsin 2013, here we come!



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Scenes from vacation

This is the best way to wake up while on vacation.

Coffee, ocean, sunshine, book.

We did another 4 mile beach run on Tuesday after I ran 6.5 miles on the roads.

I also had fun playing with the fish eye setting on my camera.

We have been eating dinner every night at the house. Tuesday night everyone had tenderloin and I had seared tuna steak. Perfection.

Steve and I bought beer bottle koozies to use on the boat this summer.

Many games of pool have been played.

On Tuesday night I may or may not have done one too many shots that resulted in a dance party on top of the pool table.

Ok, I guess that did happen, pool cue and all.

On Wednesday Steve and I went biking. We rode 18 miles south of Avon to Hatteras in search of ice cream. It was so windy on the way down that I swore off biking forever. At one point we were going 12.5 mph. On a pancake flat road. We finally got into town and couldn’t find the ice cream shop that I wanted to go to. Luckily for everyone involved, I did find an ice cream cone. It could have gotten ugly.

On the bright side, we absolutely flew on the way back. There was one stretch of brand new blacktop road, and I looked down to see we were cruising along at 27 mph. We ended up with 37.2 miles in 2:08, or around a 17.5 mph average. Not bad for my second ride of the year. You better believe my sit bones are feeling it today.

On the agenda for today is climbing the tallest lighthouse in North America.


Sigh, why does vacation always go by so quickly?

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Ice cream ride

My weekend started bright and early on Saturday morning when my alarm so rudely woke me up at 5am. Why? I had a 50k training run on the agenda. It was a trail run to benefit MS Run the US, and it ended up being an awesome day. I ran with a few different people throughout the day and finished with 31.6 miles in around 5:30. The run must have taken a lot out of me, because for the rest of Saturday, all I did was nap and eat, on and off. The only reason I got up off the couch was to get food. Seriously, bottomless pit.

I woke up this morning feeling much more rested, but my legs still felt tired so I knew I didn’t want to run today. I contemplated what my workout would be over some blackberry pancakes topped with sunflower seed butter, bananas, and maple syrup.

It was pretty nice outside, so I asked Steve if he wanted to go on a really slow bike ride around the lake with me. It was my first outdoor ride this year, and that combined with my tired legs and a super-hilly route made for slow travels. We both overdressed a little bit and were feeling quite warm in the sun, so we were forced to stop for ice cream to cool off.

Trust me, it was totally necessary. And delicious.

Weekly totals:

52 miles running

14.25 miles biking

I cut back on the running miles a little bit this week because of the 50k, and will likely do the same this coming week with a marathon on the agenda for next Saturday.

What is the best thing you ate this weekend?

Me – Wisconsin cherry walnut cranberry fudge ice cream, even though I didn’t find a single walnut in there.


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Run Into the New Year

Steve and I, along with my friend Cara all ran in the Run Into the New Year 10k today. What better way to usher out 2011 that with a race? Believe it or not, I have never actually raced a 10k on the roads before, and I was a little nervous about how much it was going to hurt. I ended up having a great run, and finished in an official time of 41:24, or 6:39 average. I felt like I could have pushed it a little harder at the end, but overall I’m happy. I took 8th overall female and 2nd in my age group. Cara won her age group! (She is still a youngster for another month or so).

Steve did great as well, despite not putting in too many running miles over the last few weeks.

This race closed out a great year of swimming, biking, and running for me. I just checked my totals for the year, and because I am a numbers dork, here they are:

In 2011:

1663 miles run

2035 miles biked

96 miles swam

I can’t wait to keep training and racing in 2012. I have some big plans up my sleeve, so stay tuned!

I hope you have a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve, wherever your plans may take you! It will be a small miracle if I can stay awake until midnight, but I will try my best.

Here’s to 2012!!


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Ironman goals

Time to start stalking the weather for race day!

Sunny and a high of 76. Could it be any more perfect? Let’s hope is stays that way.

I have been thinking about my goals for this race, and I have broken it up into the swim, bike and run.

Goal for the swim: don’t die. I am seriously dreading the swim as I remember how crazy it was two years ago. Recap here. They call it the washing machine for a reason. I have been slacking a little in the swim department this year too. I’ve gotten all of the workouts in, but a lot of them were shorter than they should have been due to my innate ability to procrastinate in the morning and end up getting to the gym with only 45 minutes to swim. I don’t expect much improvement on my previous time. I just need to get through it with plenty of energy left for the day.

Goal for the bike: I know I am capable of taking at least 30 minutes off of my previous bike time. Recap here. For one, I am faster on my tri bike than I was on my road bike, which I used last time. Two, I have done more long rides this year, which will be invaluable. In 2009, I did only one ride of 100 miles and it was on a flat route. This year, I got in a hilly 92 miler, a hilly 105 miler, and a 120 miler on the Ironman course.  I plan to take it fairly easy the first half to make sure I have plenty left for the second. I need to stay on top of my nutrition too. If it is cooler out, I will really have to remind myself to drink.

Goal for the run: sub-4 hour marathon. This will be a true challenge, but I know I can do it if everything else falls into place. In 2009 I was able to run a negative split. Recap here. I need to make sure I go out easy. I have felt really good running off the bike all year, so hopefully that carries over into the race. I am hoping for no stomach issues so I can fuel a little bit more during the run.

Ultimate goal for the race: finish while it is light outside. Sunset is at 7:09, and I figure I have about 15 minutes after than until it actually gets dark. That puts my finishing time goal somewhere between 12:00 – 12:30. Can I do it? You betcha!

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1. Steve is doing well. His wrist is fractured, and he had a cast on for 10 days. It came off today, and he now has a custom splint. While the cast was on he was running and biking on the trainer. Needless to say the cast was pretty disgusting and he is very happy to have it off. Also, he has been cleared to swim with the splint on, and is planning to race Ironman! The race will be one month and one day after the accident.

His new bike is pretty sweet and totally matches mine with the red and white. What a copycat.

2. I ended up going up to Door County for three nights of camping by myself. Steve had doctors appointments, and was bummed that he really wouldn’t be able to do any activities up there, so he stayed home. I hung out with my family for a few days which was nice. We saw several amazing sunsets.

While I was there, I got in a two hour mountain bike ride and a 20 mile trail run. Peninsula State Park is my favorite place to run in the world so I had to take advantage.

3. Last Sunday my friend James and I went to Madison and biked 120 miles on the Ironman course. We followed that up with a two mile run. I felt way better than expected and only had one mental breakdown on the bike. It was a great confidence booster.

4. Ironman is in two weeks. Eek!

5. On Tuesday we got to see Blink 182, which was awesome. My aunt and uncle (Beth and Mike) hooked us up with the tickets and it was so much fun.

That last one is Travis the drummer elevated high above the crowd on a moving platform during the encore. It was really cool. They always put on such a good show. Thanks Beth and Mike!

Side note: My Chemical Romance opened and they sounded awful. They didn’t play their one current good song either. Boo.

6. This weekend is going to be crazy. Saturday I have a three hour bike ride followed by a 90 minute run. After that we are attending a wedding in Milwaukee, then leaving the wedding early to drive to Chicago. At 4am on Sunday morning I am meeting my TNT athletes before they race in the Chicago Triathlon. I will be down there cheering them on all day Sunday which will be fun. I expect to get home Sunday afternoon and crash. I don’t think my planned Sunday bike ride will happen, but we’ll see.

7. Sorry this whole post is in an annoying list format. That is pretty much the story of my life right now. I just don’t have the time/energy to do anything more in depth. Two more weeks…thank goodness.


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The unthinkable

Last Wednesday night, Steve was hit by a car while biking. He is ok, thank goodness. It seems like cyclists are getting hit left and right lately, so I want to use this post as a reminder to everyone to be safe out there.

Steve was riding south on a heavily-biked road in Milwaukee. A 16 year old male driver pulled out in front of him to turn north. There was a large road construction sign obstructing the driver’s view. Steve was probably going about 25 mph when they hit. He cannot remember anything, but we have been able to piece together what happened by talking to the police and one of the witnesses. Given the amount of damage to the car, Steve is incredibly lucky that he escaped with no major injuries. The windshield had a hole in it from his head, the driver’s side door was dented in, the hood was dented and the headlight was broken. He literally went flying.

I was not home when it happened, and I did not hear my phone ringing right away. When I talked to Steve he was getting a ride home with the police. His bike is totaled. I rushed home and when I got there he was pretty out of it. Pacing back and forth in our condo, repeating things over and over, etc. It took me an hour to get him to go to the hospital. We finally did, and thankfully the CT scan of his head came out ok.

If you are squeamish, probably stop reading now. I took some pictures of his injuries in the hospital.

His eye was all cut up, and he had a super-fat lip. His eye looks about 5 times worse than this right now, it’s all red, black, blue, and green.

His elbow was pretty cut up and bloody. This is what is giving him the most trouble because every time he bumps it against something it is really painful.

His thigh is cut up and really swollen. This also looks a lot worse now because it’s such a huge bruise. It’s turning all kinds of crazy colors. New little sore areas and cuts are popping up each day.

His left hand was swollen like a balloon, and the x-rays are showing a probable fracture in the wrist. He is scheduled for a CAT scan tomorrow to take a better look at it and see the extent of the fracture, because it wasn’t completely clear on the x-rays. Right now he is in a splint wrapped up with an ACE wrap to keep it immobile.

The worst part is that we are four weeks out from Ironman. A new bike has already been ordered, but the race will probably depend on weather he will have to wear a cast or not. He is determined to do everything he can to resume training and do the race, so we will have to see what happens. We were also supposed to leave on a family camping trip yesterday, which is on hold. We are hoping to possibly get up there for a few days on Tuesday.

Things could have turned out so much worse, and I am just so thankful that he is ok. Many people that are hit like this are not so lucky. He was wearing a helmet, which I am completely convinced saved his life. We will be getting him the same helmet again, and I am going to get a new one too. I learned that bike helmets should be replaced every 5 years, so I am overdue.

Please be careful and share the roads, weather you are a biker, runner, or driver. We all need to pay attention and follow the rules to keep everyone safe. End PSA.


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