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Door County Half Marathon 2016

This past weekend, Steve and I went on a little weekend getaway to Door County and ran the half marathon there on Saturday. Steve got off work a little bit early on Friday, and when Kai woke up from his nap we loaded up the car and headed to Steve’s parents house, where Kai would be spending his weekend. We got him all settled in and hung out for a bit before hitting the road around 5:30.

We originally planned to eat dinner in Sturgeon Bay, but I realized we wouldn’t be there until around 8pm, so I consulted Yelp and found a brew pub in Green Bay instead called Titletown Brewing.


The restaurant was across the street from the actual brewery, and inside of an old train station. The beer was excellent (we both had the IPA), and the food was delicious as well. I had a cranberry turkey melt which was served on freshly baked zucchini bread. Genius.

After dinner we made the rest of the drive up to Door County, arriving in Fish Creek around 9:15pm. We stayed at my aunt and uncle’s house and they have been having problems with their internet, so Steve worked on that for a little bit while I passed out on the couch watching Modern Family. Super exciting start to the weekend!

Saturday was race day, and I think I woke up a little after 6am. The race didn’t start until 10am, so it was nice not to have to rush around. I had my coffee and then around 7:45 I ate a larabar and a banana.


We left around 8:25am and made the 5 min drive to the park. Once inside the park, we had another few miles to drive to get to Nicolet Bay where the race was starting. I was wondering where they were going to park all of the cars, and when we got there we found out the answer – on the campsites! We ended up parking on a site that was really close to the one we camped on last year. We walked over to the beach and picked up our packets, then headed back to the car to wait. It was around 54 degrees, and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to wear arm warmers or not. There was a cold wind coming off of the lake, so in the end I decided to wear them and ditch them on the course if I got too warm. I ate another half of a banana around 9am and sipped on water with Nuun until the race start.


Pretty soon it was time to use the port-o-potties one last time and head to the start. Little did we know, the start was actually a 5 or so min walk from the beach, so by the time we got to the starting area (along with many many others), they had already sung the national anthem and it was minutes until race time. We snaked our way up in front of all of the slower pace groups because I didn’t want to get stuck running around people for the first mile or two. Pretty soon it was go time. I gave Steve a kiss and we were off.

I didn’t have a major goal set for this race. I knew that it was hilly and though I am in much better shape now than I was a couple months ago, I still don’t feel like I am in great running shape at the moment. I figured I would be happy with a 1:40, and my main goal was to enjoy the course. Peninsula State Park is my favorite place in the world to run (and one of my favorite places to be period), so I was excited to take in the scenery and see some areas of the park that I don’t normally get to see.


I hit mile 1 in 7:38, and was surprised to see the 7’s. I felt like I was running over 8 min pace, so it was a nice surprise. The first 4 miles were fairly flat compared to the middle of the course, with some gradual and rolling hills. Miles 2-4 went by really fast, splits were 7:21, 7:14, 7:27. I thought maybe I was going a little too fast, but I knew there were some major hills coming up and I decided to just go with it since I was feeling good.


The biggest hill on the course started just before mile 4 and ended just after mile 5, so it was pretty much uphill for a whole mile. My legs were feeling the lack of hill training that I did, and I knew I was slowing down. I made a new goal to have all of my miles under 8:00. My watched buzzed for mile 5 and it was 8:05. Dang. At least the huge hill was almost over, and there was an aid station at the top of the hill that was run by pirates, complete with a wooden pirate ship. I ate a gel here, hoping it would give me a boost. Miles 6-7 were 7:48, 7:55 and my legs did not feel like they were recovering from the big hill.


Somewhere in these middle miles, my attitude about the race became really laid back, which isn’t like me. I just didn’t really care that I was slowing down. I was still enjoying the course and I guess I kind of decided that I wasn’t going to kill myself in the second half. My stomach was not feeling great (what’s new) and I just didn’t feel like pushing it. Not much of a race mentality, but whatever. Miles 8-9 were 8:01, 7:38. Mile 10 was 8:03 even with the start of a big downhill in there, and then we were back out onto shore road for the last three miles to the finish. I was kind of dreading the last miles thinking they would go by really slow, but they didn’t. In fact, the entire race seemed to go by really fast. Miles 11-13 were 8:02, 7:51, 7:36. Before I knew it, I was crossing the finish line.


Official Stats:

Time: 1:40:39, 7:41 average pace

19/943 women

6/169 age group

I am happy with how it went (I did say I would like to run a 1:40 after all, but I would have like to be a little under rather than a little over). I hung out at the finish line waiting for Steve, who finished in 1:48. We walked back to the car to get our warm clothes (it was probably in the upper 50’s at this point and I was freezing). Then we hung out and watched the awards while drinking our free beers from Door Co. Brewing Company.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way back to the house for beer and snacks. At the house we devoured almost an entire wedge of aged apple cheddar with crackers and then his the hot tub. We also played a game of horse in the pool (I lost) before heading back to shower. We waited for the cable guy to come and luckily he was able to fix the internet problem. By the time he left it was almost 6:30 and I was famished.

We went to dinner at The Cookery because they were one of the restaurants that was offering a free beer to racers. Steve and I split fried cheese curds, pulled pork nachos, and a club sandwich, all of which was delicious.


After dinner we drove into Peninsula State Park again to check out the campsite we have reserved for the 4th of July weekend. On the way out the sun was setting, so we parked and walked down by the water. Imagine our surprise when we saw two huge bald eagles sitting in the tree!



So cool! Once the sun was set we stopped for frozen custard for dessert, obviously.


I am slightly ashamed to admit that I could not finish that turtle sundae. We were pretty beat by this point, so we headed back to the house, watched a movie, and went to bed.

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to sleep in so badly. Of course I woke up at 6:25, womp, womp. I spent a nice early morning relaxing with coffee and my iPad before I finally woke up Steve because I was starving. We went out to a late breakfast at Julie’s before heading home, and it was just nice enough to sit outside.


I was missing my little stinker pants and couldn’t wait to see him. He was still napping when we arrived to pick him up, so we went in to wake him. Instead of being excited to see us, all he wanted in his tired state was Grammy. Ha. Once he was fully awake he did seem happy to see his parents after all. We hung out there talking to Steve’s parents for a little while before heading home. We had stopped to get flowers for Steve’s mom, and Steve also bought me a beautiful waterfall orchid. My goal is not to kill it like I have every single other plant I have ever owned.


Mother’s Day evening was spend unpacking, giving Kai a bath, and eating Qdoba (for some reason I was craving a burrito bowl). Even though Kai was really acting up last night (I’m sure he was tired and a little out of sorts from the weekend), as I put him to bed I couldn’t help but think about how lucky I am to be his Mom. He brings me so much joy and so much frustration and everything in between and challenges me on a daily basis to be the best Mama I can be for him.

I also can’t finish this post without a shout out to my own Mom (we gave her her Mother’s Day present on Friday before we left). She is the most selfless, generous, amazing lady around, and I don’t know what we would do without her.





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Glorious sunshine

We have finally been getting some unbelievably nice weather here in Wisconsin, and we have been taking advantage whenever we can. It has been in the 60’s with sunshine for several days in a row now, which basically feels like heaven. We have been playing in the yard, went running with the stroller (that is harder than I remember, though Kai is so big now that the stroller is easily pushing 60 lbs), and playing at the park.

Kai loves to find sticks on the ground, and once he has some good ones he carries them around indefinitely.

This kid loves being outside so much. Today after his nap he wanted to go outside immediately, forgoing his usual post-nap snack. It looks like it is going to stay nice out for the next week or so, which is awesome. There is nothing worse than having a day or two of nice teaser weather followed by a snowstorm (which I am aware might still happen, let’s not talk about it).

He contemplated the slide for a while, but didn’t end up going down. Last summer he had no fear about going down face first, he loved it. I think once he gets over the initial fear and tries it, he will love it this year as well.

So what else is new with Mr. Kai? Most notably, this kid is so incredibly vocal. He talks non-stop, and his vocabulary is growing every day. He is speaking in short 3-4 word sentences often, and he repeats absolutely everything we say. Everything. He can count to 10 by himself, knows his colors, and can identify tons of animals and make the corresponding sounds. He is like a little sponge, and continuously surprises me by saying something that he heard us say yesterday. He also sings nursery rhymes, which is pretty much the cutest. He doesn’t get nearly all of the words, but he gets the melody right and i can always tell which song he is singing. I guess the time he spends watching his nursery rhyme videos on youtube is paying off. Here is a video of him doing his animal flashcards:

Man, I love this kid. He is certainly a challenge at times, but aren’t all toddlers?

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Kai – 18 months


It’s been way to long since I’ve done a proper update on Mr. Man. Kai is officially one-and-a-half, somebody hold me. He has turned into such a fun, sassy, goofy and smart little guy, it kind of blows my mind.


He hasn’t been officially measured since his 15 month check up, but I believe he is right around 30-31 lbs, and he seems to be taller every time I look at him. He wears mostly 2T clothes, and size 5 diapers.

Kai continues to be a good sleeper, usually going to bed around 8pm and waking around 7am. For a while there he was regularly sleeping in until 7:30-7:45 which was awesome, but lately he has been up a little before 7am, still not bad. He takes one nap a day around 12:45, and will sleep anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours. I usually don’t let him sleep past 3:15 or it will take him forever to fall asleep that night.


Kai is still the pickiest eater on the planet due to his outright refusal to try new foods. His acceptable food list includes mac and cheese (favorite), pancakes, cheese quesadillas, grilled cheese, rice, veggie burgers (only one specific kind from Costco) and an occasional bean burrito (again, from Costco). He will also eat any type of cereal or snack food (crackers, pretzels, chips, etc). He will eat an occasional applesauce pouch and very occasionally will try some fruit, but this is his only produce intake. There is one exception in which he will try almost anything, and that is if it is served in a sample cup at Costco. Seriously, things Kai has eaten at Costco include meatballs, quiche, tamales, calamari, pomegranate seeds, black bean burgers, bacon, teriyaki chicken, pizza, and probably a bunch that I am forgetting. These are all things that he wouldn’t touch with a ten food pole if I served them at home. He is such a little stinker. Kid also loves organic whole milk, and goes through a gallon all by himself in less than a week. We have resorted to not giving him his milk until he is done eating his meal, because otherwise he will just drink the whole thing and then not want to eat.


Kai loves taking baths, and runs for the bathroom at the mention of the word. He also loves taking showers with Steve, and tends to throw a fit when it is time to get out. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it here before, but Kai’s bath must not contain bubbles, or a complete meltdown will occur.


I am continuously amazed at how smart this kid is, and he is at the age where his brain is a little sponge. He talks all of the time, a lot of babbling still but also a ton of words. He is finally saying Mama and Daddy, though both were far from his first words. He says several phrases such as careful, now (usually when standing on a bed or couch, and he doesn’t say the ‘c’ so it sounds like awful now), all done now, what happened?, and all wet. He says ‘a’ before almost everything he identifies (a ball, a key, etc.). He can identify all of the numbers between 1-10, and regularly stacks things up saying one, two three. He can also identify all of the basic colors, and many shapes. He has a ton of flashcards and can tell you what they all are, and he also loves the First 100 Words book. He loves balls, cars, trucks, and trains. He also loves to roughhouse, he is very much all boy. Every day he says something to me that I didn’t know he knew.


Kai has a very sassy side as well, and loves to mimic our reactions to the naughty things he does. He will regularly pinch us and say ouch, or bite us and say not nice. He will also bang his toys on the floor and say too rough. Kai is obsessed with the vacuum (sounds like ah-keem), and sweeping with the broom (sounds like seep). Sometimes I wonder if he is my child with his passion for floor cleanliness. He still hates having his diaper changed, and usually when I ask if he is wet he says no. He is interested in the toilet (potty! potty!), but when we were at Target last week I showed him a froggy potty seat and when I asked if he wanted it he whined and shook his head no.

Kai is very sensitive to noises, and announces every time he hears a beep or a buzz. He is very concerned every time the doorbell rings, and will babble nonstop about it for several minutes every time. He is also afraid of mylar balloons. A quirky one, he is.


Though Kai is obsessed with being outside (it’s been a little rough since winter hit), he was not too keen to play in the snow. He liked walking around in it, but as soon as some got on his mittens he started crying. I also tried getting out the little sled again this year, and we had the exact same result as last time.


Maybe one day he will warm up to the possibility of outdoor fun in the winter, but for now I am happy not to have to go outside and freeze my butt off. We still go to the gym on most weekdays and Kai enjoys playing in the Kids Club while I work out.


My mom and I took Kai to the Zoo the week after Christmas, and he was a fan. His favorites included the big aquariums and the farm building where he could run around and drive a tractor.


I am sure I am leaving out a ton of stuff, but to sum up, Kai is the best. He makes me laugh every day, and also frustrates me every day. I love watching him learn and grow, and I seriously can’t wait to hear what comes out of his mouth as he starts talking more and more. It is sure to be awesome and hilarious. I will leave you with our attempt at a family photo on Christmas. As always, nailed it.


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Halloween 2015

I have a lot of recaps that I need to write up for the sake of my own memory, and they might come a little out of order. We have just been so busy this fall I haven’t had time to gather my thoughts.

First up: Halloween! A couple of weeks ago Kai and I visited a pumpkin patch with Steve’s sister Jamie and her daughter Aiva. The place was really neat, with lots of activities for the kids. Kai started things off with a rousing game of pumpkin checkers.

We also spent some time jumping around on a giant bouncy pillow.

Pretty soon it was time for a hayride out to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins. I only succeeded in getting a blurry selfie to commemorate.

The kids had fun running around the pumpkin farm and picking out pumpkins.

Note that Aiva is exactly one year older than Kai and they are virtually the same size.

Eventually we selected our pumpkins and boarded the hayride back to the main area, where the kids were super thrilled about having their picture taken.

I tried to have Kai stand in front of the ruler so we could start a tradition and recreate this picture every year, but this is the best I could get. Kid does not stand still. Ever.

A few days later Kai decorated his pumpkin. I bought some washable paints and taped off the eyes, nose and mouth of the pumpkin.

Then Kai went to town painting. He was skeptical of the wet paint on his hands at first, but once I demonstrated what to do he got into it a little more.

After he was finished, I let the pumpkin dry for a few minutes before peeling off the tape. Once it was totally dry I took it outside and sprayed it with a clear coat spray paint to set it. I think the finished product turned out great.

The day before Halloween, Kai wore his costume to Kids Club at the gym and he got to be in a parade around the indoor track. My mom came to watch and we both ended up walking with him and the other kids. It was super cute.

For Halloween itself, we went to a party at my cousin’s house. We surprised everyone by showing up as a family of minions. It was a huge hit.

Unfortunately the weather was pretty crappy, but we did walk to the downtown area to see the parade, and luckily it stopped raining for trick or treat. We weren’t sure how Kai would do trick or treating, but he was an old pro.

He insisted on walking and carried his own pumpkin the whole time, which was basically the cutest thing ever.

We only went to four or five houses because Kai obviously doesn’t need any candy (and neither do we!). Back at the house, we changed Kai into his skeleton jammies and he was able to enjoy the fruits of his labor, a dum-dum.

I can’t wait to do family costumes every Halloween from now until Kai is old enough to be too embarrassed by his parents.

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Fall fun

Mother Nature has sure been gifting us with a gorgeous fall so far! Though the temperatures have finally started to drop, the last few weeks have been unbelievable for September. We have been spending a lot of time outside and things have been busy in a good way. I found this slide on a buy/sell/trade group on Facebook and snagged it for Kai. He likes it alright, but he won’t climb up the back so you have to put him on the slide and he gets bored and runs away after a couple times down. That’s right, he is walking and running all over the place now with no need to hold onto our fingers anymore.

A couple weeks ago we attended a wedding reception for our friends who were married in Jamaica earlier this year. It was held outdoors and Kai had fun riding around on Steve’s shoulders and listening to the steel drum band.

We had a playdate at the park last week with my friend Cara and her two boys. Despite their expressions in the photo, I’m pretty sure they had a good time.

This past Sunday was the annual Susan G Komen race for the cure. We do it every year in honor of my cousin Kelly who is a breast cancer survivor. Five years cancer free was an awesome reason to celebrate with Kelly’s Clan.

Since my marathon is this Sunday (eep!), Kai and I opted to walk this year instead of run. He got a little antsy in the stroller so we cut out early and walked just under two miles instead of doing the full 5k.

After the walk we headed home so Kai could take a nap, and when he woke up we went right back out to Harvest Fest at State Fair Park. I had never been to this event before and wasn’t sure what they all had, and it turned out to be alright.

Kai enjoyed watching the camel and pony rides, and they also had a little kids area in one of the buildings where there was a huge box of wood shavings and some toys.

They also had a little farmers market, pumpkin patch, build your own scarecrow, and places to eat. A lot of the stuff I think will be better when Kai is a little older and able to enjoy it more. The huge bummer about the whole thing was that when we got there they were all out of every single kind of pumpkin beer! We did get there when there were only two hours left of the festival, but still! Not cool.

Skeleton pj’s have been in heavy rotation (please note the new “say cheese” face). I am hoping to find time to go for a hayride and apple picking, and next weekend we will be going on one more camping trip. As much as I am sad to see summer go, I love fall as well. If only we could skip over the other two wretched seasons we would be in business.

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Walking and talking

Just popping in with a couple of updates on this cutie pie. First, let’s talk walking. Kai can totally walk by himself now when he wants to. I emphasize that last point because kid is so incredibly stubborn (takes after both of his parents), and will only walk alone when it is his idea. Otherwise, he insists on holding on to one of our fingers at all times to walk around where he pleases.

Lately he has been practicing standing up on his own without holding onto anything. He is very proud of himself when he does this, and he will take a few steps once he is up, but that is usually just to walk to one of us and demand a finger. I think he figures that he wants someone with him at all times anyways, so he might as well make the whole walking thing easier on himself by holding on.

I am sure any day he will just let go of our fingers and decide he is going to do it by himself, but for now we are slaves to wherever he wants to go. Oh, and if you try to let go of his hand he immediately sits down and has a little tantrum, so that’s fun.

Kai has been increasing the amount of words he says, and also the sounds he makes. His first official word was bread, which he says with great enthusiasm. He also says shoe, crumb, nom nom, and several other things that I have no idea what he is actually trying to say. He will say something, then repeat it, then repeat it louder when I can’t figure out what he is saying. I think he gets frustrated sometimes that I can’t tell what he means, but it is so cute when he says something with such conviction. He also makes noises in certain situations, like a spitting noise when I ask if he wants to brush his teeth. He also saw me blow on his quesadilla one day to cool it off for him, so now every time he has a quesadilla for dinner he blows as soon as he sees it.

Kai has been expanding his acceptable food list slightly, and is now a fan of macaroni and cheese, pizza, and honeydew melon. He is also obsessed with smoothies that I put in a reusable pouch for him. I always add spinach and usually some other veggies since that is the only way he consumes any vegetables.

Another major development is that Kai will now sometimes sit in the bathtub! Sometimes. He likes to play with his stacking cups in there, which will occupy him for a little bit. After a few minutes he will still stand up though. Baby steps.

We are trying to soak up the last little bit of summer in Wisconsin, with some last trips out on the boat and as many outdoor activities as we can squeeze in. Don’t get me wrong, I love being outdoors in fall too, but sadly there is limited time left for water activities and we have to take advantage when we can.

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Kai: 12 months

I realize I am now 12 days late with this post, but it’s summer and we’ve been busy. Also this will be the last official monthly update I do, so I had to make sure it’s a good one.

Twelve months. And just like that, my baby is one.

Let’s start off with some stats. Kai had his one year check up this past week and weighed in at 27lbs 7oz (98%) and measured 32.5″ tall (99%). So basically he is still a giant. He wears 24 month clothes and size 4 disposable diapers (but I will probably go to size 5 next time we need to buy them). I don’t even know how many teeth he has now, at least 12 with more seeming to pop through every day. He has two molars on the bottom, which I was surprised to find in there a few weeks ago because he never seemed too bothered by them. I’ve heard that molars coming in can be hell, but luckily we have escaped any real issues with sleep or otherwise in that department.

Kai still loves to eat, is still super picky, and is also a bottomless pit. His favorite foods at the moment include grapes, pancakes, french fries, greek yogurt, and bread with sunbutter. He seriously loves carbs and will pretty much put away any bread, cracker, pretzel etc. that you put in front of him. He is much better now about eating fresh fruit and likes strawberries and blueberries, but veggies are out of the question unless in pureed form. Ditto meat, though he does seem to like breakfast sausage. He is very hesitant to try any new foods, and when he does he usually spits it out immediately after not recognizing the flavor or texture. Also, if I feed him a puree out of a container, it sure as heck better not contain any chunks, bits, or any other offensive particles or he will remove it from his mouth with his hands. He still loves to throw food on the floor if it is something that does not please him at that particular moment.

We have also switched Kai’s bottles to organic whole milk, after spending about a week mixing them 50/50 with whole milk and formula. Yes, he is still drinking two bottles of milk a day for the simple fact that he will not drink milk out of his straw cup. In fact, he will not drink cold milk at all, it must be warmed to an acceptable temperature. His doctor recommended offering it in his straw cup with meals which we tried, but he will not drink it. Period. He does love to drink water out of his straw cup which is great. He got a taste of OJ that they were sampling at Costco the other day and he LOVED it. However, I do not plan to start giving him juice at home when he drinks water just fine. I guess we will see if he eventually comes around to cold milk, otherwise I don’t think it is that big a deal if he just doesn’t drink milk straight up. He has another doctor appointment in three months, so we will see what she says at that point.

Kai is still a very good sleeper, and we are now at the point where he goes back and forth between taking one nap and two naps. If he wakes up before 7am it is usually a two nap day, one from 10:30-11:30 and another from 3:30-4:30. I do not let him sleep more than an hour for either nap when he takes two. If he sleeps in past 7am or we have plans in the morning, he takes one nap, usually starting between 11:15-11:45. Sometimes this nap will be nice and long (over 2 hrs), and sometimes it will only be a little over an hour. When that happens, he goes to bed early. Typically he sleeps for 10.5-11.5 hours a night and takes 2+ hours in naps. It will be kind of nice when he is ready to switch to one long nap every day, but until then we just go day by day.

Kai can stand on his own indefinitely, and has taken as many as 3 steps on his own. He will only try taking steps if one of us is right in front of him to catch him, and it is kind of a step/lean/fall into us combo. He loves to walk around holding our hands and demands to do that more and more. I had my hopes up that he would be walking somewhat well by the time we go camping in two weeks, but that is clearly not going to happen.

Kai likes to be around other kids whether we are at a get together or he is at the gym daycare. He talks non-stop, but still has not said anything that resembles an actual word. We are working on pointing at things, though he doesn’t quite grasp the concept of pointing with his own finger. If I say “Kai, where is your nose?” he will reach for my hand, grab it, and touch his nose with it. Cracks me up.

Kai is obsessed with opening and closing things, as well as taking things out and putting them in. He loves to play in the refrigerator and any cabinets he can get into (not many since we keep them locked). He will take things from the floor in his room and place them in drawers, or move things from one drawer or shelf to another. He is a busy body for sure.

This little angel face has developed quite the little temper over the past month. When he gets mad about something or things aren’t going his way, he whines and whips his head back and forth, and sometimes he will bang his head on whatever is near him (luckily he has only really done that on things that are soft, like the couch). I told his doctor about it and she said, “yep, you’ll be getting a handout on temper tantrums today. Basically, they think they are in charge and they don’t have words to express their feelings, so this is how they act out instead.” So apparently this is normal, and a phase that will probably last for at least the next three years (a conservative guess I’m sure).

Kai loves to be outside, which is pretty much where we are in the summer.

We went strawberry picking and he surprised me by picking the strawberries right off the bush and eating them with no prompting from me. Guess he just knew what to do there.

He also enjoys swimming in the pool as well as the lake.

Kai even went tubing for the first time at my dad’s house on Father’s Day. My dad has the biggest three person tube I have ever seen and we went in as a family (at about 5mph :-))

Grandpa Ken even let him drive the boat for a while.

On the Fourth of July we took Kai to see the fireworks, and I was really nervous given his history with being scared of loud noises. Even though it was a couple of hours past his bedtime, he surprised us by doing great. He sat on our laps and watched the fireworks, and even got a little bored after a while. We covered his ears during the really loud boomers and he was just fine.

On Kai’s actual birthday, we went to Waterfront Wednesday which is a weekly live music event in the summer in our town. He stood right up at the table and helped himself to a potato chip, little stinker.

I let it slide since it was his birthday and all. And because they are too cute not to share, here are his one year portraits.

I don’t know how to wrap this up without getting too sappy, I just love this kid so much. I’ll end with this quote I came across not to long ago that I absolutely love:

“Making the decision to have a child — it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” -Elizabeth Stone


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