A day in the life – Spring 2016

Tuesday April 12, 2016

I am 35

Steve is 39

Kai will be 21 months on Friday

4:40am – I wake up from a really weird dream. Jack from Lost is making Kai do some sort of stunt in the jungle (why I have no idea). Then it is my birthday and for some reason I am sad, so some friends decide to take me to Great America. No clue what any of it means, but luckily I am able to go back to sleep.
5:53am –  I wake up again. Ugh. I try to go back to sleep, but I have to pee so it is futile.
6:04am – I finally get up and immediately turn on the coffee maker.  I check our new weather center and see that it is 29 degrees outside. Will I ever be able to run outside without tights and a jacket? I sit at my computer and sip my coffee while checking email, Facebook, etc.

6:28am – Kai wakes up. Man, I loved it when he used to sleep in past 7am. Lately he has been waking up right around 6:30am. I go in and find him standing in his crib. He looks at me like I am crazy for taking his picture first thing in the morning. For some reason my glasses case is on his shelf and he wants it. He plays with is while I change his diaper.

6:37am – I pour Kai his milk and he immediately requests to watch videos, as he does every morning. It’s a bad habit that I’ve let him get into, but it gives me time to get a few things done in the morning and get ready for the day. I make him a waffle and cut up some grapes, all of which he eats while watching his videos.

Also in this time I make my pre-run breakfast of banana with almond butter, jam and coconut, and take my vitamins. Usually on Tuesdays we go to music class at 9:30 and I often run in the afternoon, but today I have a client in the afternoon so I know I need to get my run in this morning. I calculate that if we hop to, I might have time to run and still make it to music class. I get Kai dressed and he plays with his toys while I get dressed and pack my gym bag.
7:52am – I say bye to Steve who is still sleeping since he was working from home last night and we drive to the gym.


8:00am – I drop off Kai at the Kids Club the moment they open. I quickly put my stuff in the locker room and head out the door. My plan today calls for a 1 mile warm up, 5 miles at tempo pace (7:05-7:22), and a 1 mile cool down. After my warm up mile I slowly begin to drop the pace, but I am not feeling it right away. My first 2 tempo miles are 7:35 and 7:26. Dang. During my 3rd tempo mile my girl Brittany Spears comes on with one of my current favorite running songs. When Brittany tells me “you better work, bitch!” I listen. Mile 3 – 7:07. That’s more like it. Somewhere during mile 4 my music cuts out (I use Google Play on my phone). I am beyond irritated that I have to stop and fix it, but I cannot get through the last couple miles without music. The last two tempo miles are 6:55 and 7:07, so I am happy with it in the end. I end up cutting the cool down a quarter mile short and high tail it into the locker room.

I take the world’s fastest  shower, get dressed and kinda sorta dry my hair.

9:15am – I pick up Kai, and one of the ladies that works in the Kids Club tells me she can’t believe the things that come out of his mouth sometimes. Apparently he was identifying all of the colors of different blocks for her as they were cleaning them up (“a red block, a black block”, etc.), my little smarty pants. We hustle to the car and I drink a chocolate milk (recovery drink of champions) while Kai eats a fruit strip on the way to music class, and we arrive right on time.

9:30am – Music class. There are a ton of kids at class today, almost too many so it is a little chaotic. At one point Kai was being chased by this cute little girl Violet. They were running in circles and Kai wiped out. He was crying and when I picked him up he had a bloody lip, poor guy. This was our first of two bloody lips for the day (and the second one was not Kai). A little while later they hugged each other and it was so adorable. I only got one pic of the kids playing after class.

10:40am – We leave for home, and pull in the driveway at 10:44am. Kai immediately says he is hungry and requests another fruit strip. Uh, no. Then I hear him open the fridge as I am putting my gym stuff away. I come back to find him running around with a big jar of peanut butter, which incidentally he is allergic to. He puts that back and then pulls out a yogurt, demanding to eat it. I know for a fact that he is not going to eat it, so I say no and he throws a fit. I finally get him calmed down by letting him watch videos for a few minutes while I make him a veggie burger with strawberries and pretzel crackers.

I also make myself a delicious coffee with coconut cream and scarf down a small energy bar.

11:15am – Kai eats his lunch of a veggie burger, pretzel crackers, and strawberries. Of course he eats all of the crackers first and requests more, but I tell him he must eat the rest of his lunch first. He finishes the burger and strawberries, so I give him a few more crackers. Out of nowhere he says “ouchie tummy” and requests to take a nap (?) but then he keeps right on eating. He finishes the crackers and I give him his milk, which he slams.


He requests kisses on his cheek as I get him out of his chair, and I take the opportunity to snap a selfie with my boy. He then wants to do play-doh, so I get it out for him and we do that for a little bit.

After play-doh, we play with toys for a while and then I ask Kai if he wants to help with laundry.


12:10pm – Kai helps me sort the dirty laundry by putting items in the basket, and we get a load started. Then it is time to get ready for his nap, so we go to his room to read books. He requests “Nemo book” so we read that one. I don’t actually read this one because he won’t sit through it, so I just make up the story with the pictures. I think we also read Little Blue Truck and Color Zoo before singing Twinkle Twinkle.


12:33pm – Kai is down for his nap, but he is talking/singing/yelling up a storm. He probably didn’t fall asleep until 12:50 or so. As soon as I put him down I was starving, so I heated up my lunch of leftover butternut squash and quinoa stew and an apple with peanut butter. I ate at my computer while working on training plans for my coaching clients.


During the rest of Kai’s nap, I switched out the laundry and folded the first load, did some other stuff on the computer, ate an un-pictured piece of zucchini bread, and cleaned up the kitchen. I also got changed for work.
2:25pm – Kai is up. That was not a very long nap for him, he usually sleeps until around 3pm. I go in to his room, and he doesn’t want to get out of his crib right away, which is normal. I sit in the chair while he plays around and talks to me, then I tell him he better get out and get his diaper changed since Grandma will be over any minute.

2:40pm –  My mom arrives to babysit, and I ask Kai if he wants a snack. He asks for pea crisps, but what he really wants it to go outside and swing on the new (to us) swing set. He eats a few bites while my mom puts his shoes on. They head outside as I leave.


2:50pm – I arrive at the office an start the space heater to warm up the room, since the building manager feels the need to keep it super cold. I just have one client today, from 3-4pm. After her massage, we chat and get her scheduled for her next one. Then I quickly change the sheets and I’m outta there.

4:20pm – I arrive home (I LOVE living 5 mins from the office) and my mom and Kai are still outside. Kai immediately runs over, grabs my hand, and shows me where he is “cleaning up” some of our dead landscaping from last year. I get the report that he was in the swing for approximately 40 mins, went down the slide once, and spent the rest of the time walking around the yard.

4:25pm – My mom leaves and we go inside where Kai eats the rest of his pea crisps, and I have carrots & hummus for a snack. I spend a little bit of time on the computer while Kai plays. He has his little plastic astronauts and he keeps calling the blue one Cookie Monster.

4:55pm – I pick up Kai to change his wet diaper, and he hits me in face. I demand that he says sorry, he does and gives me a kiss, the little stinker. He complains that he is hungry for dinner. I tell him that Daddy will be home soon with tortillas to make his quesadilla.
5:00pm – Kai asks for a fruit strip and I say he can have grapes. He wants to eat said grapes while watching videos, and throws a fit when I tell him no and that he can eat them at the table.

5:05pm – Steve is home, hallelujah. Kai finally agrees to eat his grapes at the table and I make his quesadilla.

5:15pm – Kai eats his quesadilla by peeling apart each bite while saying “open… open… surprise!” He got that from one of his videos where they crack open eggs and there are surprises inside each one. I wish I had a video of this, because the inflection he says it with is hilarious. While Kai is eating I change into my lounge clothes, ie. sweat pants and a sweat shirt. Kai is now counting the quesadilla pieces on his plate. I declare it time for a beer, as it is after 5pm. Shipwrecked IPA brought home from Door County over the weekend. Yes.

5:45pm – Kai is done eating, and gets out of his chair to play with his toys.
5:55pm – Kai poops, so I declare it bath time. Steve is about to start his workout on the bike trainer. I sit in the bathroom with Kai while he plays in the bath. He points to his chest and informs me that there are “two nipples.” I swear, I could listen to this kid talk in the bath tub all day long.

6:35pm – He is done in the bath and he requests his monster jammies. We hang out on the couch for a bit which is one of his favorite things. He loves to climb and jump around while Steve or I sit with him so he can jump on us and we can tickle him.


At one point he gets too wild and ends up slamming me in the tooth and lip with the back of his head, thus our second bloody lip of the day. He cracked me so hard I am just glad to not have a loose front tooth. He only cries for a sec, so at least it wasn’t as bad for him. Steve is done working out and sits down to take my place on the couch.


7:00pm – I eat my dinner of leftover baked sweet potato, broccoli and chicken bacon topped with a fried egg and salsa while Steve plays with Kai. Then we allow Kai his beloved fruit strip since he ate dinner pretty early.

7:30pm – I change Kai’s diaper and he gets to watch his 15 mins of tv and drink his milk before bed.


7:50pm – We brush Kai’s teeth (two person job) and then Steve says goodnight before handing him over to me for stories. I thing we read Little Blue Truck again, and perhaps his favorite dinosaur book. I sing Twinkle Twinkle while holding Kai and he sings along with me, which is basically the cutest ever. I put him down in his crib, which Steve had to rig to be lower than the lowest setting, since he proved he could climb right out onto the attached changing table.


8:00pm – I fold the last load of laundry and clean up a little bit.


8:15pm – I eat my nightly dark chocolate while sitting on the couch with my laptop. I spend the next hour and a half or two hours typing this post while talking to Steve and watching Cutthroat Kitchen on Netflix, our latest show addiction. Thrilling night over here, I know.


10:10pm – I go to bed and read a book on my Kindle for a little while until I cannot keep my eyes open.





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  1. Stephanie

    I always enjoy these 🙂 It’s fun to see a little snip of your life, and Kai is as cute as always 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only one whose son looks like a little kid.