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Kai – 18 months


It’s been way to long since I’ve done a proper update on Mr. Man. Kai is officially one-and-a-half, somebody hold me. He has turned into such a fun, sassy, goofy and smart little guy, it kind of blows my mind.


He hasn’t been officially measured since his 15 month check up, but I believe he is right around 30-31 lbs, and he seems to be taller every time I look at him. He wears mostly 2T clothes, and size 5 diapers.

Kai continues to be a good sleeper, usually going to bed around 8pm and waking around 7am. For a while there he was regularly sleeping in until 7:30-7:45 which was awesome, but lately he has been up a little before 7am, still not bad. He takes one nap a day around 12:45, and will sleep anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours. I usually don’t let him sleep past 3:15 or it will take him forever to fall asleep that night.


Kai is still the pickiest eater on the planet due to his outright refusal to try new foods. His acceptable food list includes mac and cheese (favorite), pancakes, cheese quesadillas, grilled cheese, rice, veggie burgers (only one specific kind from Costco) and an occasional bean burrito (again, from Costco). He will also eat any type of cereal or snack food (crackers, pretzels, chips, etc). He will eat an occasional applesauce pouch and very occasionally will try some fruit, but this is his only produce intake. There is one exception in which he will try almost anything, and that is if it is served in a sample cup at Costco. Seriously, things Kai has eaten at Costco include meatballs, quiche, tamales, calamari, pomegranate seeds, black bean burgers, bacon, teriyaki chicken, pizza, and probably a bunch that I am forgetting. These are all things that he wouldn’t touch with a ten food pole if I served them at home. He is such a little stinker. Kid also loves organic whole milk, and goes through a gallon all by himself in less than a week. We have resorted to not giving him his milk until he is done eating his meal, because otherwise he will just drink the whole thing and then not want to eat.


Kai loves taking baths, and runs for the bathroom at the mention of the word. He also loves taking showers with Steve, and tends to throw a fit when it is time to get out. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it here before, but Kai’s bath must not contain bubbles, or a complete meltdown will occur.


I am continuously amazed at how smart this kid is, and he is at the age where his brain is a little sponge. He talks all of the time, a lot of babbling still but also a ton of words. He is finally saying Mama and Daddy, though both were far from his first words. He says several phrases such as careful, now (usually when standing on a bed or couch, and he doesn’t say the ‘c’ so it sounds like awful now), all done now, what happened?, and all wet. He says ‘a’ before almost everything he identifies (a ball, a key, etc.). He can identify all of the numbers between 1-10, and regularly stacks things up saying one, two three. He can also identify all of the basic colors, and many shapes. He has a ton of flashcards and can tell you what they all are, and he also loves the First 100 Words book. He loves balls, cars, trucks, and trains. He also loves to roughhouse, he is very much all boy. Every day he says something to me that I didn’t know he knew.


Kai has a very sassy side as well, and loves to mimic our reactions to the naughty things he does. He will regularly pinch us and say ouch, or bite us and say not nice. He will also bang his toys on the floor and say too rough. Kai is obsessed with the vacuum (sounds like ah-keem), and sweeping with the broom (sounds like seep). Sometimes I wonder if he is my child with his passion for floor cleanliness. He still hates having his diaper changed, and usually when I ask if he is wet he says no. He is interested in the toilet (potty! potty!), but when we were at Target last week I showed him a froggy potty seat and when I asked if he wanted it he whined and shook his head no.

Kai is very sensitive to noises, and announces every time he hears a beep or a buzz. He is very concerned every time the doorbell rings, and will babble nonstop about it for several minutes every time. He is also afraid of mylar balloons. A quirky one, he is.


Though Kai is obsessed with being outside (it’s been a little rough since winter hit), he was not too keen to play in the snow. He liked walking around in it, but as soon as some got on his mittens he started crying. I also tried getting out the little sled again this year, and we had the exact same result as last time.


Maybe one day he will warm up to the possibility of outdoor fun in the winter, but for now I am happy not to have to go outside and freeze my butt off. We still go to the gym on most weekdays and Kai enjoys playing in the Kids Club while I work out.


My mom and I took Kai to the Zoo the week after Christmas, and he was a fan. His favorites included the big aquariums and the farm building where he could run around and drive a tractor.


I am sure I am leaving out a ton of stuff, but to sum up, Kai is the best. He makes me laugh every day, and also frustrates me every day. I love watching him learn and grow, and I seriously can’t wait to hear what comes out of his mouth as he starts talking more and more. It is sure to be awesome and hilarious. I will leave you with our attempt at a family photo on Christmas. As always, nailed it.



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