Day in the Life – Fall 2015

Monday, October 12th 2015

I am 34 (for another 6 days), Steve is 39, Kai is 15 months (in 3 days) & Zooey cat is 14.

6:25am – I wake up and look at the clock. Everyone else is asleep and I am still tired so I try to will myself back to sleep. We are all tired from a fun weekend of camping at Devil’s Lake. Kai starts making noise in his sleep, as is often the case in the early morning. I lay in bed with my eyes closed, but it’s no use.
6:38am – I know there is no way I am going back to sleep, so I get up and make coffee. I get on the computer and check email, Facebook, etc. The morning is my alone time at the computer and I don’t feel bad about “wasting time” before anyone else is up.
7:10am – I get hungry and make breakfast for myself. Since I will be running later this morning, I have a mini bagel with peanut butter, banana slices, honey and cinnamon with a side of vitamins (multi, vitamin D, iron & un-pictured probiotics).
7:26am – I start cleaning up in the kitchen. The house is a disaster and I wish I could just spend all day cleaning it from top to bottom. There is stuff everywhere on the kitchen counter (the bane of my existence). No matter how often I clear this area, it ends up like this in no time, I swear. It is where clutter lives in our house.
I check the weather and it looks like a pretty decent day, and especially nice for running.
7:37am – Kai is moving around in his crib, waking up. I give him a few minutes because he does not love it when I go in immediately upon waking and will usually scream at me if I do so. He needs time to talk to himself, play with his monkeys, do a little yoga, etc.
7:45am – I go in and say good morning. Kai is happy to see me but doesn’t want to come out of his crib just yet. Kid loves his crib and loves to just mess around in there while I am in the room with him. I pick out some clothes for him and finally get him out under protest.
Once Kai is dressed and I let him loose, he runs straight into the kitchen and into the forbidden utility/laundry/cat litter box area. Little stinker. He screams at me when I catch him and tell him to get out of there. I bribe him with his milk cup and that does the trick.
7:55am – I give Kai his breakfast of banana slices and a toaster waffle, which he blows on before he eats. While he is eating Steve comes in to say goodbye before leaving for work.
When Kai is done with breakfast, we play for a bit and I change into running clothes and get packed up to leave for the gym.
8:40am – Leave for the gym. I drop Kai off at Kids Club and put my stuff in the locker room before heading out for my run. This is only my second run since the marathon, and I do an easy five miles while listening to Mindy Kaling’s audiobook. She cracks me up. The weather is perfect for a run, low 60’s. Fall running is the best. After my run I shower at the gym.
10:30am – I pick up Kai from Kids Club and get his shoes on. We snap a selfie on the way out and he looks at me like I am crazy. Get used to it kid.
10:44am – We pull into the grocery store parking lot. We need a few staples such as bananas, salad supplies, yogurt and chocolate.
11:15am – We arrive home and Kai is very helpful with putting the groceries away.
11:30am – I make Kai a smoothie as part of his lunch, since it is the only way he will eat a vegetable. It has yogurt, juice, bananas, carrots, spinach and strawberries. I put the rest of the smoothie into reusable pouches and put them in the freezer. I also make him a sunbutter sandwich and give him some milk. He has really been loving milk lately, after being luke warm on it for quite some time.
While Kai eats lunch, I make my treat, pumpkin spice latte mix from this recipe. It is so good, dare I say better than Starbucks.
12:00pm – Kai plays with his toys for a while and then poops. It’s always good when he gets that out of the way before his nap. We change his diaper, read a story, and I put him down.
12:19pm – Kai is in his crib singing e-i-e-i-o from Old MacDonald.
12:30pm I eat my lunch of leftover Bangkok Curry from Noodles and a graham cracker with chocolate peanut butter for dessert. I also glance at the monitor and see that Kai is asleep.
12:50pm – I start cleaning the disaster of a house. I clean up the kitchen again, fold laundry, put all of our camping stuff away in the basement, dust, organize, etc. Lastly I tackle the dreaded kitchen counter. Remember what it looked like this morning? Here it is after being cleared of junk.
Ah, much better.
1:50pm – Kai is awake and talking to himself. Dang. I really thought he was going to take a 2+ hour nap today after our big camping weekend. I leave him for a little bit to see if he’ll go back to sleep.
2:05pm – Kai is still talking away. He is saying uh-oh over and over. That is totally his favorite word right now. I go in and get him, change his diaper, and decide that since he is up we can vacuum the house.
2:20pm – I vacuum the wood floors first and Kai is very helpful in standing right in front of the vacuum and trying to push it himself. I am glad he is taking an interest in housekeeping.
After the wood floors we bring out the big dog vacuum and get the area rugs done too. I feel much better about the state of the house now. We both have a snack of crispy snap peas with a Larabar for me and a fruit and veggie pouch for Kai.
3:10pm – Grandma arrives to babysit until Steve gets home from work. I believe she is Kai’s favorite person right now.
3:15pm – I leave to go to my client’s house. I normally don’t do in-home massage, but this couple has their own massage table and they have been clients for a very long time so I don’t mind at all. I do two 90 minute massages while I am there. They have a granddaughter that is Kai’s age so we always share the latest pictures before I leave.
6:57pm – I pull into the garage and Back to the Earth by Rusted Root is playing. I am really into it so I sit in my car and belt it out until the end of the song. I come in to find my guys playing in the playroom.
I say hi and then immediately change into sweats. Time for a beer. We all hang out for a little bit and I catch up with Steve.
7:15pm – I go and change Kai into his jammies and fill his milk cup. He is allowed to watch his beloved videos.
7:35 – I take Kai to brush his teeth (he refuses), we read a story and it is time for bed. Night night Kai. I am starved and immediately throw together something to eat.
7:57 – I eat my dinner of a gigantic taco salad with a side of chips while watching Fixer Upper on Netflix.
8:18pm – I clean up from dinner.
8:25pm – Steve has to do some work from home tonight (he’s an IT guy), so I grab my laptop and park my butt on the couch. I finish up a blog post, go through the pics from our camping weekend and from today and upload all of them, then do some random things on the computer while eating a square of 85% dark chocolate. Fixer Upper is still on in the background and Zooey is sitting next to me on the couch.
9:50pm – I decide that since I am not doing anything productive I might as well go to bed. I feed Zooey, brush my teeth, and say goodnight to Steve, who has apparently just finished working earlier than he was expecting.
10:00pm – I get in bed and read for a little bit on my Kindle. My eyelids start to close in no time, and it’s time to sleep.
Good night!


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3 responses to “Day in the Life – Fall 2015

  1. Stephanie

    Taco salad and Fixer Upper sounds like my kind of time 🙂 Nathan also hates getting his teeth brushed. I have daddy eat his toes while I hold him which makes him open his mouth to laugh and I get a quick brush done 🙂

  2. Found you through the DITL link up 🙂 I’m with you on hating clutter in the house and we have a spot like that in ours too. No matter what, everything ends up there and it drives me nuts! Happy belated birthday 🙂