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Fall fun

Mother Nature has sure been gifting us with a gorgeous fall so far! Though the temperatures have finally started to drop, the last few weeks have been unbelievable for September. We have been spending a lot of time outside and things have been busy in a good way. I found this slide on a buy/sell/trade group on Facebook and snagged it for Kai. He likes it alright, but he won’t climb up the back so you have to put him on the slide and he gets bored and runs away after a couple times down. That’s right, he is walking and running all over the place now with no need to hold onto our fingers anymore.

A couple weeks ago we attended a wedding reception for our friends who were married in Jamaica earlier this year. It was held outdoors and Kai had fun riding around on Steve’s shoulders and listening to the steel drum band.

We had a playdate at the park last week with my friend Cara and her two boys. Despite their expressions in the photo, I’m pretty sure they had a good time.

This past Sunday was the annual Susan G Komen race for the cure. We do it every year in honor of my cousin Kelly who is a breast cancer survivor. Five years cancer free was an awesome reason to celebrate with Kelly’s Clan.

Since my marathon is this Sunday (eep!), Kai and I opted to walk this year instead of run. He got a little antsy in the stroller so we cut out early and walked just under two miles instead of doing the full 5k.

After the walk we headed home so Kai could take a nap, and when he woke up we went right back out to Harvest Fest at State Fair Park. I had never been to this event before and wasn’t sure what they all had, and it turned out to be alright.

Kai enjoyed watching the camel and pony rides, and they also had a little kids area in one of the buildings where there was a huge box of wood shavings and some toys.

They also had a little farmers market, pumpkin patch, build your own scarecrow, and places to eat. A lot of the stuff I think will be better when Kai is a little older and able to enjoy it more. The huge bummer about the whole thing was that when we got there they were all out of every single kind of pumpkin beer! We did get there when there were only two hours left of the festival, but still! Not cool.

Skeleton pj’s have been in heavy rotation (please note the new “say cheese” face). I am hoping to find time to go for a hayride and apple picking, and next weekend we will be going on one more camping trip. As much as I am sad to see summer go, I love fall as well. If only we could skip over the other two wretched seasons we would be in business.


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Door County Ladies Weekend 2015

Labor Day weekend represented our third annual family ladies weekend, in which my female relatives get together to eat, hike, hot tub, and drink copious amounts of wine. Previously we had ladies weekend in November, but we decided to try moving it up this year because our usual weekend happens to be Halloween this year. We arrived on Friday just in time for dinner.

This is everyone except my two cousins who arrived the next morning. I shared a Cajun pasta dish which was delicious. We sat outside on the covered patio and there was live music for entertainment. After dinner we headed back to the house. We stay at my aunt and uncle’s Door County house which is awesome. Sadly I could not partake in the wine on Friday because I had a 20 mile run on the agenda first thing Saturday morning. I did decide to have dessert (I made a mandarin orange cake and a chocolate bourbon pecan pie), and I had a cake travesty while trying to remove a piece from the pan.

I believe I was in bed by 10:30 this night (wild, I know). I wanted to get an early start for my run in the morning. I woke up Saturday at 6:50 and freaked out a little about how late I had slept. Ear plugs and my own bed were a glorious thing. I had coffee and eventually headed to Peninsula State Park for my run. The trail in the park is literally my favorite place to run in the world, so it worked out to do my 20 miler this weekend.

My plan was to run from the parking lot to Nicolet Bay Beach and back twice. That way I could break the run up into 4×5 mile segments so the distance didn’t seem so daunting.

It is always advisable to wear brand new shoes for a 20 mile run, yes?

It was foggy when I started and the trail was very pretty. My run went really well. I haven’t blogged about my training for this marathon, but my long runs in general have not been going well. All of my workouts during the week have been fine, I can hit prescribed speedwork paces, etc., but the long runs were killing me. I just never had one where I felt really good, I had a lot of stomach issues, etc. So getting this one in and feeling good was an awesome confidence booster for race day. I took it really easy for the first 5 miles and then slowly dropped the pace from there. I ran the last 11 miles at sub-8 min pace and the last 5 around marathon goal pace (7:37).

I walked around a little bit after I was done and found this view that did not suck.

When I got back to the house my cousins had arrived, so I talked to everyone for a bit before taking a much needed shower. When I came out there were bloody marys and a great spread of snacks for lunch. If only every long run could end that way.

After lunch we drove into Peninsula State Park to scope out campsites for our 2016 trip. It is a huge fiasco to reserve sites at this park (you have to do it 11 months to the day in advance at 9am or you will not get a site), and getting multiple sites together or near each other is no easy task. After we had walked around one of the entire camping areas, some of us trudged on to the next area while some of us thought it a grand idea to get ice cream instead. Can you guess which group I was in?

Eventually we headed back to the house and spend some time lounging in the outdoor hot tub with adult beverages. Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for dinner at Alexander’s.

We had a delicious meal (I split the ahi tuna with my mom) and then headed back to the house for our traditional dance party, where the selfie stick once again came out to play.

The blurry photos and sweet dance moves are fairly indicative of the amount of wine that was consumed.

After several rounds of dancing, we took the party out onto the deck since it was still nice out. This resulted in my favorite photo of the entire trip. Can you see my Grandma Joan peeking her head out right in the middle? Classic.

Post dancing activities included several card games and a very short lived (and not too well thought out) walk around the neighborhood before the last of us headed to bed.

Sunday morning we made a delicious breakfast at the house, and my mom, aunt Beth and I took a short hike while a few of the others hit the pool.

Once everyone was back we headed to the park one last time for a hike with everyone.

We returned to the house and ate lunch, and then it was time for me to head home with two of the other ladies. The rest of the group stayed until Monday, but I heard that Sunday night was slightly more subdued. All in all it was such a fun getaway that I look forward to every year. I just love these ladies!


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Walking and talking

Just popping in with a couple of updates on this cutie pie. First, let’s talk walking. Kai can totally walk by himself now when he wants to. I emphasize that last point because kid is so incredibly stubborn (takes after both of his parents), and will only walk alone when it is his idea. Otherwise, he insists on holding on to one of our fingers at all times to walk around where he pleases.

Lately he has been practicing standing up on his own without holding onto anything. He is very proud of himself when he does this, and he will take a few steps once he is up, but that is usually just to walk to one of us and demand a finger. I think he figures that he wants someone with him at all times anyways, so he might as well make the whole walking thing easier on himself by holding on.

I am sure any day he will just let go of our fingers and decide he is going to do it by himself, but for now we are slaves to wherever he wants to go. Oh, and if you try to let go of his hand he immediately sits down and has a little tantrum, so that’s fun.

Kai has been increasing the amount of words he says, and also the sounds he makes. His first official word was bread, which he says with great enthusiasm. He also says shoe, crumb, nom nom, and several other things that I have no idea what he is actually trying to say. He will say something, then repeat it, then repeat it louder when I can’t figure out what he is saying. I think he gets frustrated sometimes that I can’t tell what he means, but it is so cute when he says something with such conviction. He also makes noises in certain situations, like a spitting noise when I ask if he wants to brush his teeth. He also saw me blow on his quesadilla one day to cool it off for him, so now every time he has a quesadilla for dinner he blows as soon as he sees it.

Kai has been expanding his acceptable food list slightly, and is now a fan of macaroni and cheese, pizza, and honeydew melon. He is also obsessed with smoothies that I put in a reusable pouch for him. I always add spinach and usually some other veggies since that is the only way he consumes any vegetables.

Another major development is that Kai will now sometimes sit in the bathtub! Sometimes. He likes to play with his stacking cups in there, which will occupy him for a little bit. After a few minutes he will still stand up though. Baby steps.

We are trying to soak up the last little bit of summer in Wisconsin, with some last trips out on the boat and as many outdoor activities as we can squeeze in. Don’t get me wrong, I love being outdoors in fall too, but sadly there is limited time left for water activities and we have to take advantage when we can.

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