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Kai: 9 months

This kid. He is just too much. Nine months old and such a little person with such a big personality.

Fist off, Kai is still a big boy. His nine month check up isn’t until next week, but we weighed him at home last week and he was about 25 lbs. He wears 18 month clothes, size 4 diapers (5 at night) and size 4 shoes. He still has eight teeth and has been very drooly the past few days, so I wonder if another one is on the way. He is a little tank and is getting very hefty to carry around on my hip. Let’s compare:

Side note: It was almost impossible to get a chair shot this month, as Kai no longer sits still for longer than one second. Most of the pics turned out like this:

Sleep: Not too much has changed from last month, and we are still rocking a schedule. He wakes up at 6:10 (on the dot most days) and happily plays in his crib until at least 6:30 when I go in to say good morning. He has been super happy to see me in the mornings which is the best.

Kai takes a nap at 9:15-9:30 which is usually an hour and fifteen minutes, occasionally a little longer or shorter. He takes his afternoon nap around 2:30, and lately it has been taking him quite a long time to fall asleep for this one. He usually just rolls around and plays in his crib until he falls asleep, which can be anywhere from 5-25 mins from the time I put him down. He typically sleeps for another hour and fifteen here. He goes to bed for the night around 7:30 and sleeps through the night, though he always always cries a few times throughout the night. He always cries around three hours after falling asleep. Sometimes it can literally be one cry, and sometimes it lasts for a minute or two. Occasionally this will be the only time we hear him, but often he cries out a couple other times throughout the night. We very rarely have to actually get up and go to him, he usually stops and goes back to sleep within a couple minutes, just long enough to make sure we are really awake. I am starting to wonder if he will ever stop doing this and remain quiet for an entire night. I still wish he would sleep in a little later (7am would be amazing), but overall I cannot complain.

Eating: We have made some major progress in this category over the last month! Kai is becoming a pro at eating finger foods without gagging, and loves to snack on cheerios, puffs, teething wafers, biscuits, and yogurt melts. He has also graduated to some non-baby food items such as toaster waffles and peanut butter bread. Kid loves his carbs. He is skeptical of anything you place before him, and will examine everything thoroughly before deciding whether it will make the cut for a taste test. If so, is is often a brief touch to the tongue and that’s it. He has been a little more adventurous about at least trying a lot of things, even if it never makes it all the way into his mouth. Though he has definitely made progress in the finger food arena, Kai still loves his purees. LOVES them. He will usually down between 8-12 oz of purees at each meal (2-3 containers or pouches) in addition to his finger foods.

A few weeks ago, Kai dropped one of his four daily bottles on his own. He would normally drink an 8oz bottle after his morning nap around 11am at Kids Club (at the gym). For several days in a row he flat out refused it, as apparently he is very grown up now and was too busy playing to be bothered with a bottle. We were also having a problem with his afternoon bottle getting too late since he is napping later, and it would interfere with dinner and his bedtime bottle. So I moved his afternoon bottle to before his nap, and the problem was solved. He has 8oz three times a day now, so 24oz total. He eats three solid meals and snacks a couple times throughout the day.

Skills: Kai is FINALLY crawling. It happened just a week before his nine month birthday, and of course it was the iPhone that he was after. Here is his first crawl:

Since then, he has taken up the army crawl full time, as no one has time for the hands and knees business. He still doesn’t crawl a ton from room to room as he finds it too much effort, but if he sees something he wants there is no stopping him.

Kai can now pull himself up on the furniture and thinks he is pretty amazing when he does so (which is at every opportunity). He can cruise the furniture with both hands, but sometimes forgets to hold on when he gets a hold of a toy, so he needs a spotter pretty much all the time.

Kai has also gotten very good at going from sitting to all fours to belly and back to sitting.

Last month I mentioned that Kai seemed to like the walker that he inherited from his cousin. Oh my gosh, it is by far his favorite piece of baby apparatus ever. He is a crazy man in that thing. He runs around the whole house, and he drives it amazingly well. He can do Y turns to get out of a tight space, go in reverse if need be, and get into every little area that he is not supposed to. This is by far his favorite mode of transport, and he would probably be happy to spend most of the day in there if we let him. It has everything he needs: wheels, toys, and a tray for his snacks.

Kai is very vocal, and loves to tell you exactly how he is feeling at any given time. He has developed quite the little attitude at times as well. He likes to fake whine to see your reaction, and he yells when he is mad, tensing up his whole body which is quite hilarious. I’m sure his little temper won’t be as amusing as he gets older, but for now it cracks me up. He also acts like a total goof ball sometimes, which is my favorite. He gives sloppy open mouth kisses (the best!) and claps on command.

Diaper changes are almost always a ridiculous ordeal. Not only does Kai become a maniac and roll himself all over the place, now half the time you lay him down he cries/yells/whines like it is going to be torture to get a clean diaper. I have to pull out every trick in the book (toys, singing, tickling, acting like a total crazy person, talking sternly, etc etc) just to change him and get him dressed. It is exhausting, and sometimes I find that I am sweating by the time we are done. I hope this is a phase that he will grow out of, or else he better plan on potty learning by the time he is one 🙂

Whenever it is nice enough outside, I put out a big blanket on the deck and we play outside. It is so nice to not be cooped up in the house 24/7. We love fresh air!


Kai’s first Easter was a great opportunity to dress him up a little, and he enjoyed having brunch at our house with Steve’s family.

The night before Easter, we celebrated Uncle Mike’s birthday, and the two guys played music together.

Kai had his first swinging experience at the park, and was rather non-plussed. He seems to like swinging, though he never shows much enthusiasm. He did enjoy swinging with Daddy one day though.

We have been making the five minute walk to the park whenever we get the chance. Again, love not being cooped up in the house.

I am sure I am leaving things out and could never actually capture Kai’s personality in words, but I can’t think of anything else at the moment. Basically he is the cutest kid (not biased at all) with a big personality. He is the best.


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A Day in the Life – Spring 2015

Welcome to my first Day in the Life Post! I always enjoy reading these, but until now have never undertaken the challenge of recording an entire day in detail with pictures. I chose a pretty typical Monday to record so you can see my day as a much of the time stay at home mom 🙂

Monday, April 13th 2015

I am 34

Steve is 38

Kai is 2 days shy of 9 months

Zooey cat is 13

5:50am – I wake up to Zooey meowing and feel rage. She has been such a little jerk lately, meowing in the wee hours of the morning for seemingly no reason. Anytime anything wakes me up that is not the baby I get a little stabby. A few minutes later Zooey jumps up on the bed and tries to get to my water glass. I get up, throw on sweats and head out to the kitchen. I thought maybe she was out of food, but no. Just as I was yelling at the cat I noticed her water dish was empty. Fail on my part. I fill her water and turn on the coffee maker, then make Kai’s bottle and throw it in the fridge. Make a single cup of French roast in my favorite mug. Wow, the coffee maker needs to be cleaned.

6:05am – Kai starts making noise. I check the video monitor. He is rolling around and playing with his monkey lovey in his crib and talking. I leave him be, as I always try to leave him in there until at least 6:30.

He dozes on and off, and I figure at least he is content and still getting some rest. I check my email and calendar and note that I have one client this afternoon who I see in her home. I check the weather and do a little browsing for new shoes online. I am on the hunt for a simple pair of canvas sneakers.

6:40am – I put Kai’s bottle in the warmer and go to say good morning to my baby. He is very excited to see me and gives me a huge smile. The best.

I get him out of his sleep sack and we look at the fish in his aquarium lamp, as we do every morning.

I change his diaper and he rolls over on the changing table as I try to put his socks on. Stinker.

We head out to the living room and Kai drinks his breakfast bottle, all 8oz.

We hang out on the couch for a bit, Kai gives me some nice slobbery kisses on the cheek, and then he stands up and looks out the window.

7:15am – I put Kai on the floor with some toys while I make another cup of coffee and my breakfast. I decide Monday is reason enough to upgrade my usual pb toast to waffles with pb, banana and maple syrup. I sit on the couch and eat, and Kai looks interested so I give him a couple small bites of my waffle.

As I am eating Kai pulls himself up from sitting to standing on the couch. I pause my breakfast to spot him, and he looks pretty proud of himself. We play for a little while longer, I finish my last bites and Kai decides he has had enough of sitting with his toys and army crawls over to the entertainment center, as he is obsessed with electronics. I note that I really need to vacuum the floor since he is now scooting himself all over the place.

7:50am – Steve is in the shower. I put Kai in his walker and get out the vacuum. Monumental, since up until a few weeks ago Kai hated the vacuum (too loud) and I could never vacuum during the day. I always had to wait for Steve to be there to occupy him in another room. I vacuum the entire house with our little hardwood floor vacuum, perhaps the best $50 ever spent on Amazon. Kai follows me around to each room to make sure I don’t miss any spots.

8:10am – We are done with the floors and head to Kai’s room for a diaper change before breakfast. I prepare his beloved oatmeal with applesauce and it is time for breakfast.

8:20am – Kai has a blueberry purple carrot teething wafer as an appetizer. He is not teething at the moment I don’t think, but he loves to munch on this newfound treat. Then he eats his entire bowl of oatmeal. I give him not one but two highchair toys to play with while I clean up and he is not pleased. He starts whining and I can tell he is tired, but it’s not quite time for his nap yet.

8:45am – We go into Kai’s room to play and he chooses his alphabet elephant. He plays with the elephant and rolls around and crawls all over his room.

9:05am – Time to get ready for Kai’s morning nap. I change his diaper and get him dressed, which is no small task with him rolling around like an alligator. We read a Dr. Seuss book and put him in his sleep sack. We sing Twinkle Twinkle and I put him down in his crib at 9:17am. He is not happy about it. Usually he goes down for his morning nap with little to no fussing, but not today. He is crying by the time I shut the door.

I start a load of laundry and begin my morning tasks according to my home routines app. Gold stars for me. Kai falls asleep at 9:30am.

Yes, I use an app to help me clean the house and complete mundane daily tasks. I am not good at cleaning and organizing (I secretly wish I was a neat freak and sometimes I try to pretend to be one, but I just can’t). I check and see that my “focus zone” for the week is bathrooms, so I am supposed to spend 15 mins deep cleaning them every day. Ugh. I set my timer and clean the bathrooms. I finish both of them and pat myself on the back.

10:05am – I change into my workout clothes and pack my gym bag. I plan to go there when Kai wakes up. My throat feels a little wonky, so I take an Airborne to ward off any sickies.

10:20am –  I catch up on a little bit of business paperwork.
10:30am – Start typing this blog post.
10:40am – Put the laundry in dryer.
10:47am – Kai wakes up. He is still crabby. I change his diaper and we head to the gym.
11:05am – I drop Kai off at kids club (the gym daycare). I drop off my bag in the locker room and head up to the fitness floor. I run an easy 5 miles on the treadmill while watching HGTV. I forgot to bring my phone with me, or I would have snapped a nice sweaty selfie to show you. I was going to do my four minute plank afterwards, but I got sucked into the show and I had to see if the couple would “love it or list it.” I returned to the locker room, showered and got ready.
12:20pm – Picked up Kai from kids club. So nice not to have to bundle up in jackets before we left. I snapped a selfie in the gym lobby because I felt like a tool trying to get one in the daycare. Kai looked at me like I was crazy. We made the five minute drive home.

12:30pm – Kai is in high chair eating puffs. I prepare my own lunch of a strawberry smoothie and avocado toast. I give Kai some of my bread crust and he throws it on the floor. He eats a container of apples and chicken and a fruit and veggie pouch, along with some yogurt melts for dessert. During lunch a message comes in on my business google number. I call the person back and score a new client for this week. Nice! We finish lunch and I clean up.

1:20pm – I lay out a big blanket on the deck and we go outside to play in the sunshine.

1:50pm – We go in and I make Kai’s bottle. While it is heating up I change his diaper. As I am changing the diaper, my client calls and has to cancel her appointment today. Bummer. I was looking forward to a little break in my day, and also the money is nice 🙂 Kai drinks his bottle, we read two stories, and I put him down for his nap at 2:08. I call my mom to tell her that I won’t need her to babysit this afternoon.

2:18pm – Kai is asleep. I briefly think about taking a nap myself, and then decide to make coffee instead. I have developed a bad afternoon coffee habit lately, but it is just so good. I sit down with my coffee and start typing this post.

I work on it for a while, then get a few other things done on the computer. It is close to 4pm and Kai is still sleeping. This is an epic nap and very unusual. Normally I never let him nap past 4pm, but something tells me he needs it today, so I let him sleep a little longer. I realize I am hungry and pour myself a mug full of the best cereal on the planet for a snack.

I think I cleaned up the kitchen a little bit here, and was just getting ready to go in and wake Kai up when he woke himself up at 4:15. A two hour nap is unheard of, and I go in to find that he is still crabby. Not sure what the deal is today. I change him and decide we are going to the park for a few minutes before dinner.

4:30pm – We walk over to the park and swing for a little bit. By the way, this is Kai’s standard facial expression in the swing. He likes it just fine, but acts totally non-plussed by the whole experience. He will chill in there indefinitely, but has never gotten excited about it and fails to see what the big fun deal is.

5:00pm – We are back home and so is Steve. We wash Kai’s hands in the sink which he loves, and I put him in his highchair with some puffs while I get his dinner out. He ate two different purees and still seemed hungry, so I made him a small bowl of cereal which he ate about half of.

He poops whilst eating (totally standard), and I let him finish up his yogurt melts for dessert before changing him. I pick him up to find that pee also leaked onto his outfit so I decide that since dinner is over, he can get into his jammies early. I change him and head to the bathroom to spray the poop off of his cloth diaper.

5:45pm – I come back into Kai’s room and throw his dirty diaper in the pail, only to discover that he has pooped yet again. Geez kid. I change him again, spray his diaper again, and then wrestle him into his jammies which becomes a two person job with Steve distracting him and keeping him from rolling all over the place while I get his legs in.

We play in Kai’s room for a bit, then Steve takes him and the guys hang out on the couch while I clean up the kitchen.

6:15pm – Beer me. Yes.

Steve notices that Kai’s fingernails are dangerously long, so we put on his favorite Little Baby Bum videos on YouTube to distract him. This is the only thing that makes trimming his nails a possibility. Kai is seriously mesmerized by the tv, and he watches his videos for a little longer before bed. My client from earlier calls and reschedules for tomorrow. Excellent.

6:55pm – I make Kai’s bottle and throw it in the warmer while we change his diaper. Once it’s ready, Kai drinks his bottle and we do his bedtime routine: brush teeth, read stories, in sleep sack with white noise, sing Twinkle Twinkle, kiss his face approximately 100 times and lights out with his lullaby monkey playing.

7:18pm – I leave Kai’s room, and as is the theme for the day, he is already crying. I fold the load of laundry from earlier. Still crying. I talk to him through the monitor and tell him to go night night, and he is quiet for a minute (seriously, that thing is creepy and I think it startles him into being quiet, but sometimes he actually does settle down and go to sleep). Not tonight though. In the meantime I start assembling a big salad for my dinner.
7:35pm – I have to go into Kai’s room, which is very rare. 99% of the time he cries for less than 5-10 mins (if at all) then goes to sleep. Often he doesn’t even make a peep. I don’t pick him up, but I move him to the middle of the crib again (he is wild in there), make sure he has his lovey, and tell him it’s time for night night. Steve and I hear a muffled meow, and realize that Zooey is in Kai’s room. She must have stuck in when I opened the door. Little jerk. I quietly open the door to let her out.

7:42 – He is finally asleep
7:55 – I put on a comedy on Netflix (The Interview) to have on in the background and eat my salad: greens, leftover grilled chicken, carrots, potatoes, avocado and ranch along with a piece of un-pictured garlic toast.

8:30pm – After chilling on the couch for a bit with Steve, I do some more work on this post. In case it’s not evident, it is very time consuming.

9:30pm – I eat my nightly square of 85% dark chocolate while watching the rest of the terrible movie that is playing. I think maybe I doze off for a few minutes.

9:55pm – Pry myself off of the couch, feed the cat, say goodnight to Steve, brush my teeth and go to bed.

10:03pm – Lights out. Goodnight!


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Weekly workouts

Ha! So here I am, three weeks later. I am a terrible blogger. Last week was a pretty good one running-wise for me, so here’s how it went down:

Monday: 6.75 miles with the stroller on a beautiful day, 8:34 pace

Tuesday: 7 miles on the treadmill, speed work (1 mile w/u, then alternated between 800’s @ 6:40 pace and 400’s @ 6:15 pace. 400 recoveries and a 1 mile c/d) 8:04 average pace

Wednesday: 5 miles on the treadmill, easy 8:34 pace

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 3 miles on the treadmill during Kai’s nap, 7:53 pace

Saturday: 11 miles outside, 8:21 pace. I felt GREAT during this run, it was so nice out and I was able to do the last two miles at sub-8 pace.

Sunday: OFF – I really wanted to get in a few slow miles this day, but my right knee felt ever so slightly wonky so I decided against it.

Total: 32.75 miles

Anytime I can get 30 miles for the week is a win these days. I am starting to feel a little bit more like my old self running, and I am getting excited to start marathon training pretty soon. I signed up for Milwaukee’s Lakefront Marathon on October 4th, am doing a 50 mile relay with Steve on October 24th, and am signed up for another marathon in Milwaukee on November 1st. That was originally going to be my A race, but since we signed up for the relay the weekend before I am making Lakefront Marathon my A race and will either do the other marathon just for fun, or drop down to the half.

I still want to get a half on the calendar, but it looks like it might not be until June or July. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going this week!

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