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Kai: 7 months

Seven months, you guys. Here we go. Grab a cup of coffee and a snack, I have a feeling this could get a little wordy. Our little man is seven months old and looks like a one year old, heaven help me.

This kid is huge. He weighs a solid 22 lbs and is starting to outgrow some of his 12 month clothes. We have received multiple comments from people recently about how big he is, that he looks like a one year old, etc. The best was when we were at the hospital visiting our tiny sweet brand new niece the other day, and one of the nurses said she was wondering why he wasn’t holding his own bottle because “that is a grown man right there.” I explained that he was only 7 months old, and she was floored. He is still fitting into his 12 month onesies sort of, but 18 monthers are a little more comfortable. Most of his 12 month pants still fit perfectly, but some are getting to the point of being slightly short. He wore a pair of 18 month pants yesterday and they fit. Sniff. Kai has six teeth, three on the top and three on the bottom, and he can and will bite hard. He bites my shoulder while I am holding him, fingers if you get them close to his mouth, pretty much everything. He loves his vibrating teething toy and will go to town on it, so I’m sure he’s got a few more teeth on the way.

Ok, let’s talk about food. I hate to say it, but Kai is becoming quite the picky eater, taking after his dad. He still loves his bottles, and downs four 8oz bottles a day. He eats solids 3x per day, and this is where he can be Mr. Fussy Pants. Kid loves anything sweet that comes out of those dang pouches. Sometimes he likes to do it himself, sucking on the spout until it is all gone, but more often than not he likes to be fed off of a spoon. I suppose he figures why do it himself when he has someone else to do it for him. We have breakfast nailed down, and he enjoys his apple cinnamon oatmeal almost every morning. I just mix baby oatmeal, his beloved applesauce, and a little cinnamon and he loves it. For lunch and dinner, I have been giving him some finger foods on his tray to play with before his food pouch. He must be in the exact right mood to even think about eating a little piece of finger food, and even then it must be fed to him from my fingers instead of his own. He will pick up some bits of food and mash everything around on his tray, but he will not put it in his mouth. He likes baby puffs ok, and other real foods he’s tried include cheese, chicken, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, avocado, and hard boiled egg whites. Oh, and a pea. Yes, one pea. His pediatrician said he can have anything except for honey before he is one, so we will keep trying with a variety of morsels. He typically tolerates zero to three bites of said finger foods before he very dramatically closes his mouth, whips his head to the side and starts to whine.

That is when I give in and give him his food pouch, which must be store bought. Yes, I tried making purees and smoothies for him and using the refillable pouches, but his bat sense told him that his mom made the contents and they should be avoided at all costs. His favorite flavors include pear pea broccoli and pear blueberry baby breakfast, both made by Ella’s Organics. Like I said though, as long as it is sweet, he will probably like it. He also likes the pouches made for toddlers with some more daring combinations, such as kale strawberry millet greek yogurt. At least he is getting some veggies in there I guess. I really hope that he can broaden his taste horizons as he starts eating finger foods on his own. I don’t know why I always pictured having the kid who would eat anything, but Kai is pretty much the opposite of that kid.

He is getting the hang of his sippy cup and seems to like water, though he still does this adorable little surprised breath every time he gets some in his mouth. This is one thing that he now prefers to do all by himself, and half the time he sucks air because he doesn’t get the whole tipping it up part, and occasionally I look over to find him sucking on the bottom or the handle.

Sleep: We hit a bit of a rough patch right after Kai’s 6 month shots where he was waking up for bottles in the night. He got a bit of a cold and refused solids for about four or five days straight, so I guess he was hungry. Now he is sleeping better again, though he is waking up for the day at a ridiculous hour. He is usually asleep right around 7pm, and wakes up any time between 5:20-5:45am lately. Ugh. I always try to leave him in his crib until 6:30, and when he fusses I have resorted to going in and turning on his projector that projects swimming fish onto the ceiling. This usually buys at least a few more minutes. I refuse to start getting him out any earlier because A. he needs to start sleeping later, and B. If I get him out he wants his bottle and giving it to him that early throws the whole day off.

Naps have been so much better, and we have officially transitioned to two naps instead of three. His first nap is around 9:15, and his second one is around 1:30. If it’s a good nap day, both of these will be over an hour. Sometimes he wakes up after 30-40 mins, and if I don’t go in right away he will occasionally put himself back to sleep. Love when that happens. Kai is pretty sleepy by his bedtime and will start rubbing his eyes and sliming himself with drool, but I don’t want to put him to bed any earlier because that almost guarantees he will be up by 5:30am. He still cries out sometimes in the night (and sometimes I don’t know if he’s even awake). It’s like he needs to wake everyone up to alert us that he is rolling over or switching positions. Thanks buddy. Other times he will wake up and fuss for a little bit, but he almost always goes back to sleep on his own within 5-10 mins.

Skills: Kai can sit up unassisted pretty much indefinitely now. The only time he tips over is if he is really reaching for a toy, but otherwise he is solid. He is rolling both ways all of the time, and rolled all the way across his room the other day. He loves to grab his feet and will occasionally get a toe in his mouth, and he continues to try to pull his socks off at every diaper change.

He gets up on his hands and knees and will sometimes rock back and forth, so I am guessing we will have a crawler on our hands soon enough. Lord help us.

He also loves to stand up and thinks he is a big shot standing by himself at the couch.

He still loves jumping with his super strong legs, as long as you are in the same room with him. This kid cannot entertain himself for five seconds, I swear. He will be having a grand old time in the jumper, and the second you leave the room he starts to whine and fuss. He demands our complete attention at all times, and will frequently look up from whatever he is doing to make sure we are still watching him.

Just look at that face. Kai likes to sit on the floor and take all of his toys out of the toy bin. He likes to taste every single one, and he also loves to bang two toys together and make as much noise as possible.

We got Kai a big boy car seat, as he has just about outgrown the infant one. We have tested it out and he seems to find it roomy and comfortable, but we are back to using the infant seat at the moment because of the frigid temps. It’s nice to be able to buckle him in inside and cover him up when we head out into the cold. He is a bear to carry around in that thing though, so I think it will be very soon that we switch over full time to the big seat.

Kai likes riding in shopping carts like a big boy as well, and is so much happier when we go shopping now than when he was stuck in his carseat. He loves to look around at everything, but he was not pleased about going out into the cold in the Target parking lot. Me neither buddy.

He can also sit in high chairs at restaurants now which is great, and he even has his own collapsible highchair that we bring with us when we go out to eat.

Kai is definitely showing signs of separation anxiety, and almost always cries when random people come up and talk to him in public. He does not want to be held by anyone he doesn’t know or see on a regular basis. He gets excited when Steve comes in the room in the morning or gets home from work, which is the cutest.

We tried out the back carry in the Ergo, and of course he just wanted to pull my hair.

One thing that Kai is definitely not a fan of so far is winter sports. I thought he would love being pulled around in the baby sled, but not so much.

Real tears and everything. I seriously cannot wait until it is warm enough to go play outside all of the time, because I think we are all feeling a little cooped up lately. One thing I am so thankful for is the day care at the gym, because it gives us something to do outside of the house almost every weekday. Kai has fun playing in there, and I get my workout in.

We did try out the BOB one day without the infant insert, and Kai seemed to enjoy it. Again, cannot wait to make outdoor activities a regular part of our days.

Those blue eyes. Gah! Kid is going to be a lady killer someday. I think that’s it for this month. Our little man is turning into quite the fun, strong-willed, stubborn little boy, just like his parents, and we couldn’t love him any more.


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