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Kai: 5 months

I’m sure I say this every time, but I cannot believe how fast this past month has flown by. I suppose time flies this time of year (and always), but it’s hard to imagine that our little dude is 5 months old. He is so much fun now, I find myself wishing for time to speed up and slow down all at once.

Little man is growing by the day, and is 19.5 lbs according to my home weigh-in method. He is so tall that he is into some twelve month clothes already. Most of his nine monthers still fit, but he is indeed pushing the length on some of those. I am glad we didn’t stock up on too many nine month outfits, because he truly will be in them for such a short time.

Let’s do a little comparison.

He also requested to do an artistic creative modeling pose, so I obliged.

I can hardly stand how freaking cute he is, and he continues to have the most amazing facial expressions. Hearing him giggle is the best, and he is super ticklish just like his mom. We tickle torture him pretty much daily just to hear him laugh, poor kid. He loves to talk as well, and his conversations range from quiet and composed to yelling and shrieking at the top of his lungs.

Let’s talk sleep, shall we? Well, we hit a bit of a rough patch right after his four month update, in which I reported him waking 0-1 times per night to eat. It started with Thanksgiving, where two late nights led to some extreme over-tiredness and lots of night wake ups. We went back to nursing twice for a few nights, and then Kai got his first cold. He was waking up every hour to every few hours for almost a week straight and I was ready to drown myself in a giant pot of coffee. Luckily once his cold cleared up he started sleeping better once again, but was still waking up at 3am wanting to eat. One night I decided to just let him fuss for 10 mins before responding, and lo and behold, he put himself back to sleep. For the next few nights he continued to wake around 3am, fuss a little, and go back to sleep. Now he sleeps all the way through the night without eating, and has done so for almost two weeks. I really think he was waking up to eat out of habit, and not because he was starving. Lets face it, this kid is not in danger of wasting away. So he usually goes to bed between 7-7:30, sometimes 7:45, and he sleeps until 7ish the next morning. (I know!). Most mornings he will wake on and off between the hours of 5-7 and either babble to himself or practice rolling in his crib, but he will doze back off and I never get him out of his crib before 6:30.

Speaking of rolling, we have a two way roller on our hands! He is still a tummy sleeper, and often practices rolling back onto his back when he wakes up from naps or before he falls asleep. It is really hilarious to watch him on the video monitor with his little butt in the air trying his hardest to right himself. Well, today after he woke up from his nap, he did it. He still hasn’t done it in front of anyone and prefers to cry during tummy time until you flip him back over (easier I suppose), but little does he know we watch him in secret and know he can do it 🙂

And speaking of naps. I am happy to say that our 30 min naps have now extended to 40-45 mins, and on a few occasions Kai even slept for 90 mins during his morning nap. He almost always goes down for his first nap at 9am, then is ready for a second nap around noon. Depending on timing, his third nap happens sometime between 3-4pm, and he really never takes a fourth nap anymore. We have a new nap (and bedtime) routine where he gets a diaper change, a bottle (only at bedtime), then a story or two. Then we put him in his sleep sack and turn his noise machine on before singing twinkle twinkle and setting him down wide awake. He sometimes fusses for a few minutes, but in general he has become very good at going to sleep on his own.

Now lets talk feeding. I am still nursing, but we have started to supplement with a little bit of formula, usually one bottle a day. I know he takes in more from bottles than when he nurses, especially as the day goes on and my flow slows down, and it was becoming frustrating for both of us during his afternoon nursing sessions. It is very important to me that he eats enough during the day so that he doesn’t need to eat during the night. For a little while I was pumping a few times a day to ensure he got a full bottle, but that became old real fast. So lately I have been nursing him for his first two feedings in the morning, usually around 7-7:30 depending on when he wakes up, and then 10-10:30. Around 1-1:30 he gets 7 oz of formula, and then I nurse him again at 4-4:30. At bedtime he gets 7-8 oz of breastmilk which I pump every night for the next day. I realize that with this schedule my production will adjust and slow down, and that is fine. As we need to, we will replace another feeding with formula and so on. My goal from the beginning was to nurse for six months and then reevaluate, and that is still my plan.

Kai tried his very first solid food on Thanksgiving, when we gave him some avocado mashed up with breastmilk to thin it out. He was very unsure what to make of it, and I’m not sure if he actually swallowed any of it or not. We did avocado for a few days, then tried rice cereal, then rice cereal with banana, then peas, and finally sweet potato. Honestly, he doesn’t seem too interested in any of it. I give it a try every couple of days, but I’m not pushing it since technically the official recommendation is to wait until six months anyway. I think most of the problem is that he hates sitting in his high chair, and we’ve had a little bit more success while feeding him in his bouncy seat. The sweet potatoes were by far the biggest success so far, so I think we’ll stick with those for the next little bit. I have made all of his veggie purees myself and froze them in ice cube trays, so they are ready for him whenever he does decide he is interested.

The weekend after Thanksgiving we made our annual pilgrimage to cut down the perfect Christmas tree, and Kai loved it. I wore him in the Bjorn carrier and he helped pick out our tree, and I have to say he did a mighty fine job.

He loves to look at the tree and the fire, and I love this time of year. I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas this year with our little guy.

My mom dusted off her knitting needles and knitted Kai his very own stocking, and he was pretty stoked about St. Nick delivering a cool toy for him.

Kai loves to grab anything and everything he can get his wet drooley little hands on, including faces, hair, sweatshirt strings, toys, the cat, and pretty much anything else within reach. He is very interested in the cat now, and if she gets near enough he will grab a handful of fur and pull. Oddly enough, she seems to like it and will roll over next to him wanting more pets.

I’m sure once he is bigger and better able to torment her she will change her tune and keep her distance, but for now they are buddies. Kai is still a big drooler and requires a bib at all times, and two days before his five month birthday I discovered that he cut his first tooth. He smacks his jaw with his fists a lot and is constantly chewing on his hands or a toy, but other than that he didn’t seem too bothered by the whole ordeal. He still loves his saucer/jumper, and will jump like a madman in there. It still blows my mind that he knows how to work the toys, spinning and grabbing them like an old pro.

We still spend a lot of time just hanging out on the floor with toys or his activity mat. He is getting pretty close to sitting up on his own as well. He can balance for 5-10 seconds before tipping over, which sometimes I think he does on purpose. He still loves his baths, and I couldn’t resist snapping this shot before his bath the other night.

You guys. His wrinkly baby butt and waist crease. Does it get any better?

We had some family portraits taken last month for our Christmas cards, and this was my favorite shot. He just looks so big and grown up here.

I just love this kid more and more every day, and he is in such a fun stage right now. Looking at his older cousins, I know we are in for it once he is able to move around, so I am trying to enjoy this part while it lasts 🙂


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