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Kai: 3 months

Boy oh boy, where to begin. I really should have done an update in between two and three months, because reading back over Kai’s two month post, so much has happened/changed/etc. But here we go. Our little dude is three months old already, and he is pretty awesome. And cute. And challenging. Yes, he is a handful.

First, a couple of comparison shots.


He almost looks chunkier to me in his two month pics, but much more focused and alert at three months. Stubborn little guy does not believe in smiling for the camera. He will be all smiles and grins for me, but the second I put the camera in front of his face he just stops and stares at it like what the heck are you doing you crazy lady? He also really can’t be bothered to stay still ever and is always moving and shaking like he has places to go.

Sleep: Kai is still sleeping well at night almost every night. We even had a couple 10.5 hour straight stretches a few weeks ago, but that has not become the norm. He goes to bed between 7-8pm and gets up between 7-8am and usually wakes once to eat. Pretty good, right? Often he will wake up a few times within the first hour or two and need his pacifier replaced or to be soothed back to sleep, but after that he is usually good to go. He normally wakes up either between 2-2:30 or 4-4:30 to eat, and he goes back to sleep until 7:30ish regardless. Here and there he will have a rough night where he is up more often, and I think it is usually due to tummy troubles. He started really fighting against his swaddle sack a couple weeks ago, so we decided it was time to try to wean him out of it. We started by swaddling him with one arm out, as I was instructed by the internets. The first night was rough getting him to sleep because he kept startling himself awake, but once he was really asleep he stayed asleep. After five nights we tried swaddling him with both arms out. Well, he was not ready for that much freedom. Both arms were flailing all over the place and no sleep was being had. So here we are in the second week of the one arm swaddle. It’s working for now, so we’ll stick with it for the moment.

While night time sleep is going really well, naps are another story completely. If there was a city called Cat Nap, Kai would be the mayor. His average nap time is 20-30 mins, with an occasional 40 min sprinkled in occasionally. He is ready for his first nap about 60-90 mins after he wakes up in the morning. IĀ sometimes try to run with him around that time, but I think that also results in a less than stellar nap. While he used to always take his morning nap in the swing, he isn’t too keen on falling asleep in there anymore, so I have been trying to put him in his crib for all naps when we are home. I really don’t know how to get him to nap longer. We installed a light blocking shade in his room over the weekend which I think helps, but he still cat naps. Side note – don’t cats nap all freaking day?? Mine does, so why do they call it that? All of Kai’s cat napping wouldn’t be a huge deal to me if he was a happy boy when he is awake. As it is, by early afternoon he is overtired and cranky, and that often carries over to the rest of the day and progresses into Mr. Fussy Pants by late afternoon/early evening. I know it is because he is over tired, and all I can do is try to get him to take more naps. He takes 3-4 a day, but they are not long enough to do much good. I really really hope this improves soon and we someday have a well-rested, happy boy during the day.

Nursing: So this has become slightly frustrating over the last week or two for a few reasons. First and foremost, Kai is very demanding when he eats and gets very frustrated if the milk is not coming out fast enough for him. We don’t have problems in the morning or in the middle of the night, but as the day goes on and my flow slows down, he is not happy about it, and will pull at me and continuously pop himself off in protest. What he loves is bottles. We have started giving him a bottle of breast milk before he goes to bed every night so that he is sure to get a full feeding and not go to bed hungry. This means I do have to pump after he goes to bed, but I like that it has become part of his routine, and that Steve and I can now take turns feeding him and putting him to bed. I think that part is good for him.

Just over the past few days he has also started to become distracted by everything while he eats. Sometimes he will seriously pop off every few seconds and just look up and stare at me with his cute little face. Love that we’re bonding and all, but I wish he would just concentrate on the task at hand.

The other problem: I used to pump about an hour after his first feeding in the morning to continue to build up a freezer stash for when I am working or whatever. It got to the point though, where whenever I did that and Kai tried to eat one and a half to two hours later, things were not replenished enough for his liking and we would start an entire day of frustrating nursing sessions (see above). So I am no longer pumping in the morning, which means nothing is going into the freezer because what I pump at night is given to him the following night. Sometimes at night I get a couple extra ounces, but not a lot. Eventually what is in the freezer is going to dwindle, so I’ll have to decide what to do at that point. I am not willing to sacrifice any more sleep to pump in the night after he feeds, which would probably be the best time to do it. I am not really opposed to him having a bottle of formula once and a while if need be, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.


Kai is still growing like a weed, and last time I weighed him at home he was over 16lbs already. He is no longer wearing any 3 month clothes at all, 6 months are fitting him pretty perfectly, and he is already in some 9 month outfits as well. I love bundling him up in his cute cozy fleeces to go for runs in the stroller.

He loves stroller runs now, and will usually just look around at everything for a while before he drifts off for a little cat nap. He will often be awake again by the time we get home, but he no longer fusses, preferring to enjoy the nice scenery instead. Our longest run together so far was 6.7 miles, but our usual route takes us 4 or 5 miles. Our pace has also decreased significantly since we started, and it is now comfortable to average under 9:30 pace on an easy run. I haven’t had many chances to run without the stroller lately, but I imagine it is going to feel pretty good.

My boy is still rocking his one of a kind hair do, and I still can’t get over it’s amazingness. He still loves his baths, and while usually Steve and I both do bath time together, we had our first solo bath experience while Steve was out of town.

Kai rocks at tummy time, lifting his head all the way up with ease.

Another thing he is great at is drooling. Holy cow, kid can drool. I don’t know where it’s all coming from, but he can soak through three bibs a day at least. He loves to eat anything that gets near his mouth including his hands, and I often just give him a washcloth or burp rag and he will go to town on it. This does double duty, as he is occupied with something plus he is wiping his own drool. Win!

The last weekend in September Kai took his first overnight trip to Chicago to visit Uncle Mike and Auntie Omoleye. They recently moved into a new condo with a pretty sweet view from the rooftop deck.

He had fun hanging out with Uncle Mike, though it was pretty tiring.

Lucky boy even got to take a nap on the rooftop.

Kai will still tolerate being worn, but only if he is facing out so he doesn’t miss any of the action.

He is still the king of amazing facial expressions, even if is stingy with hisĀ on camera smiles.

Please note the belly and the chunky thigh rolls. Love them.

Kai likes to rock his Packers outfit on game days, and this past Sunday he enjoyed watching the game with Great Grandma Joan.

Last week he also got to meet Great Grandma Lee for the first time.

Man, I love that face. Oh Kai, you are one challenging little guy but I love you to the moon and back.



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