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Kai: 2 months

Our little mister is two months old today! How? It seems like the past two months have gone by so fast, yet looking back they somehow seem like forever as well. Kai is doing great, and I just love this boy more and more every day.

He had his two month check up today, and he is doing an amazing job at growing. Little chunk weighs 13lbs 15oz and is 24.5″ long. That puts him in the 85th percentile for weight and the 97th percentile for height. It is no wonder that he is now officially wearing 6 month clothing. He is too tall for most of his 3 month outfits, which is sad because some of them are so cute. However, now that summer is apparently over, it is time for his long sleeved 6 month outfits anyways. Poor guy also had his first round of vaccines today, one oral and 3 shots in his legs. He cried so hard his face turned bright red, and this mama may have been fighting back a tear herself. Luckily the crying didn’t last long once it was over and I was able to hold him. He slept for a couple of hours after the appointment, woke up to eat, then dozed off again. When he woke a second time, he was screaming bloody murder. He didn’t feel warm to me but was obviously in pain/not feeling well, so I gave him some Tylenol. He cried/whimpered for a while before falling asleep yet again. I hope he feels better when he wakes up because it is so sad to see him not feeling good.

Sleep: Kai continues to be a great night time sleeper. He goes to bed between 8-9pm, and wakes up once or twice to eat. Lately it has been only once more often than not, which is great. His longest stretch of sleep so far was 7hrs 15mins. It was glorious. He is usually good for 5-5.5 hours as a first stretch, and then usually another 3-4 after that. He wakes for the day anytime between 6-8am. Then he is up for about an hour before he takes a nap in his swing. He is now fighting naps during the day, which does not make for pleasant evenings. If we are out and about and he is in his carseat, he will take a killer nap the whole time, but on days when we are home all day, he does not like to go to sleep. I haven’t been able to get him to nap in his crib lately (his eyes pop open as soon as I lay him down), so almost all naps occur in the swing, on me or Steve, or sometimes in his rock n play.

His unwillingness to nap during the day is most apparent after 4-5pm, when he believes sleep to be out of the question until he is in bed for the night in his crib. Occasionally he will accidentally fall asleep on me in the evening after nursing, but will typically wake up 10-15 mins later crying and super-pissed that he allowed himself to drift off. This brings me to the not so great part of the post, what his pediatrician referred to today as the witching hour. Kai has been super fussy pretty much every night starting at 5pm and continuing until he is in bed for the night. Some nights are worse than others, but it is pretty much every night. He also cluster feeds during this time, demanding to eat at least every hour. It would be fine with me if this trend stopped at any time, and I have to remind myself that it will pass and he does sleep well at night, so I have to be thankful for that. His doc said we should maybe try putting him to bed for the night earlier, but if he goes down at 7pm instead of 8-9pm, he will likely wake to eat an hour earlier, this one less hour of sleep for me before I have to get up. We may try it and see what happens though.

Speaking of nursing, he is still eating every 2-3 hours during the day, and like I said he pretty much wants to eat constantly in the evening. I remind myself that he is stocking up for the night, and this is the reason he sleeps for long stretches, so it’s ok.

Skills: Kai is still pretty stingy with his smiles, but he lets a few more slip out each day. I even caught a big one on camera on his 8 week birthday.

He still loves his activity mat, and has started to bat at some of the toys hanging above him. He coos and tells stories while laying on his mat as well. He can roll up onto his right side, but has not rolled all the way over yet. He is also a champ at tummy time and can lift his head up to look around, though sometimes when I turn him over he just rubs his face on the mat in protest. He is much less of a bobble head now and has almost full control of his neck/head when we sit or stand him up. When we stand him up, he will often actually stand with his strong legs. He loves to look around at everything around him, and especially loves being outside.

Kai loves bath time, especially when Daddy rinses him off with the sink sprayer. He also no longer cries during every diaper change, which is a welcome development. I guess he realized that it is in fact a nice thing to have clean dry pants.

Still loving the cloth diapers, and it has become sort of an addiction for me. Above is my new favorite. So stinking cute.

Now, can we talk about this kid’s hair for a second?

I have always struggled to capture it in all of it’s glory, until I realized that I had the angle all wrong. Instead of a profile view, his fluffies needed to be captured from behind. I kid you not, this is his normal hair. I do nothing to it and this is how it is. It doesn’t go any other way. There is no taming it. I love it so much. Everyone comments on how awesome it is and I concur.

Fun stuff: Kai had his first trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo, where he loved riding on the Zoo train. Such a fun thing that I remember doing when I was little.

We also spent a weekend in Madison cheering for Steve at Ironman WI. I wanted to do a separate post on that but didn’t get around to it, so I’ll include some pics here. Steve did great and took 8 mins off of his time from last year.

Of course Kai got dressed for the occasion. He was such a good little spectator.

Our guy is turning into more and more of a little person every day, and it is amazing how much he changes from week to week and even day to day.  Just look at this face. Love this little guy so much!




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