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Kai: Six weeks

This kid. I can’t even. The most notable thing that has happened over the past few days is smiles! Not huge smiles, but little ones like the photo above. Love love love it! He looks so big and grown up in this picture, I can’t even believe it.

Sleep: For the most part, Kai is still a pretty great little nighttime sleeper. He goes to bed in his crib usually around 9pm (earlier if he is super crabby). Sometimes he eats right before bed, but not always. He still wakes up twice on most nights, but there was one magical time that he slept from 9:15pm-3:45am and then wasn’t up again until 7:45am to start the day. That 6.5 hour stretch was his longest ever and has not been repeated since, but hopefully that will start to become the norm sometime soon. He usually does go 4-5 hours for his first stretch and then 3 hours after that. Sometimes he sleeps in until 7:30-8am, but other times he thinks anywhere between 4:30-6am would be a great time to start the day. Naps during the day are all over the place, but usually occur in the swing. I am trying to get him to nap in his crib more often, but it is hit or miss. Sometimes if I can tell he is tired, I will swaddle him and lay him down in the crib, and occasionally he will take a great 2-3 hour nap. Other times he wants nothing to do with it and will wake up and start thrashing around within two minutes. He is a very wild sleeper and needs to be in his swaddle sack at night or he will be all over the place and wake himself up within five minutes of laying down. He grunts and moves around in his sleep all the time. Sometimes he even starts crying and when I go in to check on him he is still sleeping. He often falls asleep more easily with his paci, but sometimes it wakes him up when it eventually falls out. A couple of times in the early morning I have gotten him back to sleep by simply putting the paci back in his mouth. It’s like magic.

Nursing: As evidenced by his rapidly increasing chunky thigh rolls, Kai still loves to eat. During the day he eats every 2-3 hours, sometimes more often if he is in more of a snacky mood. I have been pumping once a day about an hour after his morning feeding and I am now consistently getting 4-5 oz at a time, which is enough for one bottle. I think I have enough for about 8 feedings stashed in the freezer right now and am adding one each day, which is great. He will never really need more that one bottle when my mom or Steve has him while I work at this point (I have started seeing 1-2 clients at a time), so this is plenty for now. Kai is still very demanding and will not tolerate a diaper change or anything else before he eats. Sometimes I think it would be so much easier to get him back to sleep in the middle of the night if I could change his diaper first and then feed him instead of the other way around, but screaming would ensue so I give in to his demand to

Kai really loves laying on his activity mat, and he loves music. He sometimes prefers to lay on the floor rather than be held if he is fussy. He looks at all of his toys and you can really tell that he sees everything now. His favorite song is Rumor Has It by Adele, so we dance to that one whenever it comes on. He also enjoys Dave Matthews Band, Bon Iver and Coldplay, clearly great taste already. He loves to look around outside, and sometimes tolerates rides in the stroller while he is awake now if they aren’t too long. He also loves to look out the window.

In fact, during the day I always nurse him while sitting on the couch, and sometimes he gets distracted by the big window behind me. He also likes this toy that rattles, so I’m going to start throwing that in the diaper bag when we go out in case he needs some distraction.

Ok, now lets talk about fussy babies. Namely, we often have one on our hands. In fact, most nights we do not need a clock to tell us when it is 7pm, because 7pm is also known around here as fussy time. Kai will start screaming for no reason, and we can identify this cry from anything else. When this happens, the swing is usually our best friend and the only thing that can get him calmed down. There have also been a few times when we were out at either a restaurant or a party with a lot of people and noise when he became overstimulated (and overtired), and when this combination hits he is practically inconsolable. Sometimes the Bjorn carrier helps him calm down and fall asleep, but even this will usually take a little while of walking, swaying, talking to him, etc. We are hoping he grows out of his fussy phase soon, but we are thankful that he is usually pretty content for most of the day, and there have even been a few nights lately when we didn’t have the major fussies. Speaking of the Bjorn carrier, I returned the ring sling I talked about in my last post. It was too much of a hassle to get him in and out when he was crying, and he didn’t really love it. We ended up borrowing a Bjorn from Steve’s sister and it is so much better for us right now. Super easy to get on and off, and he usually tolerates it pretty well.

It does hurt my shoulders and upper back after a while so I can’t imagine using it once he is bigger, but for now it is great. Once he is bigger I will revisit the Ergo we have and hope it is a better fit at that time, and more comfortable for Steve and I.

I am sure I will say this at the end of every update, but Mister Man is growing and changing so fast. Some of his three month clothes are getting too short for him, and he even wore a small six month outfit the other day. We had to raise the straps in his carseat one notch too. I am looking forward to seeing more smiles from our serious little guy over the next couple weeks!



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First post-baby run!

I decided that today was the day to try my first run, 5 weeks 4 days postpartum. I am a rebel, I know, not waiting the full six weeks. Close enough. I will start by saying that I have been walking briskly with the stroller almost every single day since day nine, so it’s not like I have been doing nothing, but I was still a little nervous about my first run.

I had to look back at my logs to see that my last real run was on February 27th on the treadmill. By far the longest I have ever gone without running since 2003 when I started running marathons. While on our walk yesterday, I did throw in two 5 min jogs just because I felt like it. I know you are not supposed to run with babies in the stroller until they have head control, but I was on a smooth road and Kai was in his infant seat right in front of me so I could see that his head was not bouncing and he was just fine. Let’s just say those little 5 min jogs were a rude awakening. I think I MIGHT have approached an 11 min mile pace at one point. I also realized that my target sports bras were in no way going to cut it for actual running. Ouch.

I was excited to get out today sans stroller and with my new big girl sports bra to see how things felt. I charged up my Garmin and my iPod in preparation, and I was ready to hit the road. I had a goal of three miles in my head, but knew I would have to listen to my body and adjust plans accordingly. I took off down the road and within the first two minutes I got an amazing runners high. I was smiling ear to ear because I was just so happy to be running again. This feeling lasted approximately 24 seconds, and then my body realized what was happening. Oh man it was hard. I hit the first mile in 9:53 and was thrilled with a sub-10 min pace. Then things got rough. Mile 2 was 10:36. My legs were heavy, my lungs started to burn. See also: thigh chafing. Mental note: body glide. On the way back I thought I was going to have to walk up the small hill in mile 3, but I shuffled along and completed the final mile in 10:56. Nothing like running each mile slower than the last.  My average pace was 10:29, so that shall be my starting point moving forward.

Four hours later I am already sore. Where am I sore you might wonder? A little in my legs maybe, yes, but I am mostly sore in my ribs (??). And my back. Hello no core strength. I am making sure to hydrate like a champ and am going to focus on eating like a champ as well. I read that when some women who are nursing start exercising more, their milk supply drops due to not consuming enough calories or not staying properly hydrated. Kai loves to eat (a lot), so I am going to try and make sure that doesn’t happen.

For now my goal will be to build back some consistency with running, which will not be easy while Steve is still training for Ironman (two more weeks!). I am probably going to have to resort to some treadmill time and hope that Kai doesn’t mind playing on his activity mat while mom runs, and I will get outside whenever I can when Steve is home. I know it is going to take some time before running feels good again and I can run under 10 minute pace, but I will think of it as a good challenge. As for my run today, three miles never felt so awful and so good all at the same time 🙂

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Kai: One month

Someone please tell me how it is possible that my baby is one month old already. He is so big and so different from just a couple of weeks ago, it’s just crazy. A lot has been going on since Kai’s two week update, including his first vacation to Door County and many outings to friends houses, shopping, events, etc.

At 18 days, we took Kai to Door County for four nights, where we stayed at my aunt and uncle’s house with them while the rest of my family camped in Peninsula State Park.

Normally we would be camping, but obviously that wasn’t happening this year. I was glad we still got to go up and spend time with family, though the trip somehow brought out a fussy side of Kai that we had never seen before. Oh my gosh, the crying. It was bad. It was very nice to have so much family there to help though. When he would get super fussy, everyone would take turns with him to give Steve and I a break.

With Auntie Bethie.

While in Door County, Kai slept in his Rock N Play in our bedroom. He had one particularly awful night where he cried from 9:30-12:30 non-stop, and then barely slept for the rest of the night. The other nights were better, but in general we had a captain fussy-pants on our hands.

I took him on his first hike in the Ergo carrier, which he slept through. I think the carrier is actually too big for me, as I couldn’t get the shoulder straps tightened enough, but it worked ok for the short hike.

Sleep in general: When we got home from Door County, we decided to put Kai to sleep in his crib in his own room (he was 22 days). The first two nights in his crib were magical. He slept like a champ from 9:30-10pm until 7:30-8am with only two wake ups. It was glorious. Since then, it has been a little more touch and go. He always has a good stretch when he first goes to sleep, usually sleeping for 4-5 hours. Then I feed and change him, and lately he has not wanted to go back to sleep in his crib. I rock him to sleep, set him down, and 10 mins later he is thrashing about and grunting non-stop until he gets worked up enough for me to go back in and pick him up. I always try putting him back down, but for the past 3 days the only way I get him back to sleep is by bringing him to the couch and letting him sleep on me on his tummy. I know this probably isn’t the best habit to get into, but right now it is the only way I get any sleep in the wee hours of the morning so I do what I’ve gotta do. Plus I kind of like cuddling him for a couple hours 🙂

Also love when he smiles in his sleep and I can’t wait until he can flash us some real smiles. So all in all we’ve taken a step backwards in the sleep department, but at least he sleeps at night and isn’t up partying all night long.

Nursing: Kid still loves to eat. He is very demanding especially when he first wakes up, and I don’t even dare change his diaper before he gets to eat or he will fly off the handle. Plus he often poops while eating, so there’s that. I have started trying to pump once a day, and have had a mediocre success rate so far. I will keep trying it for a while, but right now I feel like it’s a huge pain and if we end up supplementing with formula sometimes when he is with my mom or I am not home, I am ok with that. We did try a bottle with grandma the other day, and he knew exactly what to do with it, no worries there.

Please also take note of his fluffy hair. I can’t even get over how awesome and old-manish it is, especially after he has a bath.

He doesn’t have another doctors appointment until he is two months, so I am not sure how much he weighs, but my guess is that he is close to 11 lbs. He is getting so big so fast.

Likes: eating, sleeping on Mom or Dad, his hands and arms (he found his fist and thumb and will suck on them quite a bit), his pacifier which he takes in with vigor, being outside, warm baths (but not getting out), being in places with a lot going on like restaurants, parks, etc., and looking out the window. He likes playing on his activity mat and has started to actually look at the toys.

Dislikes: getting dressed, having his diaper changed, going for walks in the stroller while he is awake.

Kai is getting better with his fussy times and sometimes spends most of the day content. However, there are still days/times where it seems like nothing will make him happy and we just have to deal with a fussy baby. He still has awesome and hilarious facial expressions like this one:

See also: baby acne. It started up right around 2 weeks and is still going pretty strong, though it has been looking a little better to me in the past few days.

I ordered us a ring sling to carry him around the house and when we are out and about, and so far he has tolerated it 50% of the times I have put him in it.

Mostly during the day we just chill out at the house.

But we also do a lot of activities like listening to music outside at Waterfront Wednesdays.

My mom has been an absolute lifesaver, stopping over almost every day to hang out with the little man and allowing me a break to do things like eat or take a shower. Kai also had his first babysitting time at Grandma’s house today while I went to give a massage. That’s right, back to working a bit already. I am fortunate right now that I work for myself and can gradually build my schedule back up, but at the same time it is stressful feeling the pressure to bring in enough clients so I don’t have to go back to a different job.

All in all we just love our little guy despite his demanding nature. It is so fun to watch him developing already, and I can’t wait to see him become more interactive with us and the world around him. It is already going by so fast, which I try to remind myself when he is fussy and I am frustrated and we are both crying while dancing to Dave Matthews in the living room (sweet visual, huh?). These challenging times won’t last forever (they will probably just change into other challenges). I am trying to soak in each moment when my little man is content and all is right with the world.





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Kai: 2 weeks

I meant to do a one week post for the little man, but somehow time got away from me and here we are over 2 weeks since his birth. He just had his 2 week check up with the pediatrician, and all is well. Her goal for babies is to be back up to their birth weight by their 2 week check up. Well, Mr. Kai weighed in at 9 lbs 10 oz, or a 19% increase from his birth weight of 8 lbs 1 oz. That’s my boy. He also grew 1 1/4 inches and measured in at 22 inches. These stats put him in the 96th percentile for height and the 77th percentile for weight. He has been in 3 month clothes from about a week old. He wore a few newborn onsies for our first few days home, but that was it. I had some newborn things washed and ready that he never even got to wear. Sad. Lesson learned though, I shouldn’t have washed all of his clothes until I knew what we needed. Most of his 3 month shorts are still too big, but he is rocking the 3 month onesies, shirts and rompers.

The first couple days/nights at home were rough, I’m not going to lie. The first night I put Kai to sleep in his bassinet in our room, and he did not sleep well. He actually threw up twice in his sleep which freaked this mama out, and was up more often than not. I will admit to having a little meltdown around 5am, when Steve finally took him out to the living room so I could get a little bit of sleep. Luckily, that was the worst night we’ve had. Overall he is a good baby, though he definitely has his fussy times and likes to be on his own agenda.

Sleep: Like I said, that first night was the worst. For the most part, Kai seems to realize when it is nighttime and sleeps fairly well. On a good night, he wakes up about every 3 hours to eat. There have been a couple times when he has gone 3.5-4 hours at a stretch, but lately he is a very hungry boy and 3 hours has been the max. He wakes up, I take him to the nursery to feed and change him, then I swaddle him and rock him back to sleep. The first few times he slept in the bassinet he did ok, but he now prefers to sleep in his rock ‘n play. It has a slight incline which he likes, so we have been letting him sleep in that all of the time. Initially I worried that it will be too difficult to transition him to his crib when it’s time, but I have decided that I prefer my sleep and want him to sleep well too. Lately he has been having some tummy trouble (read: gas), so his sleep has been a little bit interrupted by that. He will grunt and thrash around in his sleep and seems very uncomfortable at times. Poor guy. At times like this, he is very loud with all of his noises, so it is hard for Steve and I to get a lot of rest. Daytime naps are all over the place. Sometimes he will sleep most of the day away, while other days he has lots of awake time. He usually takes a killer nap in the afternoon/early evening, but not always.

Nursing: Kid can eat. A lot. In the beginning when he was sleeping longer stretches, he would usually go 2-3 hours between feedings, sometimes a little longer if it was a killer nap. Now however, he often demands the boob every 60-90 mins during the day. He will get fussy, cry, and I think there’s no way he could be hungry since he just ate an hour ago. But when nothing works to calm him down, I give in and he will latch on and eat like he was starving to death or something. I am hoping this is a growth spurt and doesn’t continue for long, because some days it seems like I don’t do anything but feed him and change him. I am thankful that he is such a good eater though and that he took to breastfeeding right away without any problems.

Bath time: We only had to give Kai two sponge baths, as his umbilical cord stump fell off at 6 days. He hated the first one just as much as he did in the hospital, screaming through the whole thing. The second one was better, but ended in him puking all over himself right after he was all clean, which pissed him off and screaming ensued.

I was so glad when we could give him a normal bath, and lo and behold, he likes it!

He owns his pink bath chair that he got from his cousin Aiva. Steve washes his hair and I wash the rest of him, and he just sits there calmly loving the warm water and the big warm washcloth we lay over him. He doesn’t love getting out of the warm warm water, but we do our best to wrap him immediately in his hoodie towel to warm him back up.

Random things: At 9 days old, Kai had his first real outing. Of course it was to Costco with mommy and grandma.

He slept the whole time, which was a relief. I also took him solo to Target for the first time, which I was nervous about but as long as I kept the cart moving he stayed asleep. He has met tons of friends and relatives, and even attended his first party at 11 days old.

Here he is at 3 days old in his first cloth diaper:

Cloth diapering will be a whole separate post at some point, but is going well for the most part after some trial and error. As of now he is in cloth 100% of the time at home, but I have been putting him in disposables when we are out and about. This is partly because we have a bunch of newborn disposables that need to be used up, and partly for convenience. Also, he already looks so different from the above picture. Gah! My boy is growing up too fast. I may or may not have shed a few tears about this the other day. Dang hormones.

Surprisingly, he doesn’t mind tummy time, and we do it a few times a day. Kai has a super strong neck in my opinion, and is able to lift his head all the way up to look at me. We also do tummy time with him on my chest, which he likes as well, especially when he can catch glimpses of the view out the window behind me. He loves to look out the window and will sometimes just stare mesmerized at the sky or a tree or whatever he sees out there.

We have been enjoying our walks outside every day since day 9 when I felt good enough to get out and get a little exercise. Kai usually sleeps the whole time in the stroller, but sometimes he is awake and quietly staring around. I am in love with the BOB stroller and can’t wait to run with him in there when he is big enough. Pushing it uphill is no joke, and I have worked up a good sweat walking plenty of times now.

My heart melts when I see things like this. Steve is such an awesome and proud daddy. Love my guys so much.

Mr. Man had some of the most awesome facial expressions I have ever seen, ranging from super serious to highly perplexed to little smiles in his sleep. He also has the best hair, especially after bath time. It gets incredibly fluffy and soft, it just cracks me up. He also LOVES his hands. He is always moving his arms around, putting his hands in his mouth and sucking on them. He wears gowns with hand mitts to sleep in because otherwise he will scratch himself silly with his razor sharp fingernails.

At two weeks, we took Kai for his newborn photo shoot, which he completely rocked. I was so nervous that he wouldn’t cooperate, but he slept like a champ and let the photographer do her thing. We used Andrea Nicole Images, and Andrea was so great to work with. She put up one teaser photo on Facebook, and I just about died. Can’t even wait to see the rest of the pics.


My recovery: Well, it was rougher than I initially anticipated. Healing from a 3rd degree tear is very slow and painful, but two weeks later, I am doing much much better. Like I said, it took 9 days before I could even get outside to go for a short walk. Now I no longer have to take Advil every day, and I think in another week or so I will feel pretty much back to normal. I weighed myself for the first time the other day, and was shocked to find that I have already lost 25 lbs. I gained about 33 lbs total with the pregnancy, so I was pretty happy to only have 8 lbs to go two weeks later. However, my weight is completely redistributed, and I don’t have a single pair of non-athletic pants that fit around my hips. I have been rocking the skirts on a daily basis, which is fine with me in the summer. I am sure I also have far less muscle mass than when I got pregnant, and overall I feel pretty fluffy. It is weird for me to have a soft tummy with no abs in sight, but I know that once I am able to start working out more and running it will come back. I can’t wait to start running, but I have no problem taking the prescribed 4-6 weeks to recover first, as I know that is what it best for my body.

Overall we are loving our little man, even though he has his fussy/crabby times that leave us frustrated and exasperated. I am torn between wanting him to stay a tiny newborn and being anxious for him to get a little bigger and start smiling, etc. I suppose he is going to grow at an alarming rate, so I am trying to soak it all in while I can. But just look at this squishy newborn face. Sigh.




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