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16 weeks

Baby is the size of an avocado (yum!) and is busy growing hair, lashes, and tastebuds.

The highlight of this week was getting to spend the weekend up in Door County, where despite frigid temps I tried snowshoeing for the first time. Loved it!

I don’t have a whole lot of new things going on this week. My sleep is still terrible, and I am about at the point where I might break down and take something for it. I feel like everything would be so much better if I could sleep through the night. I wake up exhausted, and I get through work by looking forward to napping when I get home. Then I crash on the couch, wake up with a headache, and sit on the couch feeling crappy for the rest of the night. Repeat, repeat. My doc told me I could take Unisom or Tylenol PM, and I may try it tonight.

I have heard a lot of people talk about how hungry they are all of the time while pregnant, but I feel like my appetite is still somewhat normal. Don’t get me wrong, I have always had a very healthy appetite and I eat a lot of food, but I think because I am exercising so much less, by body isn’t really demanding more food than usual. My sweet tooth has been raging lately, and I can’t get enough chocolate and ice cream. This probably has something to do with the aforementioned headaches, but I can’t help it. Cake is just so good.

I haven’t been running a lot, rather getting exercise in different ways. I got to the pool last week for a swim (win!), which actually felt really good. Need to start doing that on the regular. I have also tried the elliptical, and spent two days this weekend snowshoeing a couple miles at a time. I am even looking into getting a pair of snowshoes if I can find a great deal. Honestly, I just don’t feel like running at the moment. I feel heavy and not being able to get outside due to the polar vortex/arctic blast is not helping. I’d rather mix things up than be confined to slogging out miles on the treadmill.

I still haven’t felt the baby move (I don’t think), so that is something I am looking forward to. Other things I am looking forward to include outside temperatures above 0 degrees (maybe?) and, well I guess that’s it. Of course I can’t wait until our 20 week ultrasound but that is a ways off yet so I am trying not to be too excited just yet.


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15 weeks

Baby is now the size of a naval orange, has moveable joints, and is squirming around a ton even though I can’t feel it yet.

The photo: pop! I have gotten a lot of comments this week from people (who know I am pregnant) that they can definitely tell now. The bump fluctuates a little throughout the day according to how much I’ve eaten, but it is always there now.  I am still feeling good and I would say my diet is pretty much back to normal. I mostly crave a lot of fruit – pineapple, melon, berries, you name it, and I’ve been on sort of a shrimp kick as well. I am also making sure to feed the baby lots of ice cream so that he/she will love it as much as I do.

My sleep still sucks, I toss and turn a lot during the night and never wake up in the morning feeling rested. I haven’t been napping every day, although I did crash out hard for a good two hours on Sunday after going out and eating a massive brunch. I got a body pillow and tried that out, but it really didn’t help at all. If anything I woke up more from having the giant thing in the bed, and Steve was not a fan.

Workouts have been the same, treadmill time and bike trainer. I am determined to get to the pool this week, and even tried on my swimsuit to see if it still fits. It’ll do for a little while yet I think. I know this is Wisconsin and I have lived here my whole life, etc, etc, but this winter is the absolute worst. It is either snowing or freezing raining or below zero. There have been about two nice days since November it seems, and all I want to do is be able to run outside in the sunshine. The streets are never cleared of slop/ice/snow/crap, and I don’t want to risk slipping so I’ve been staying indoors. Wah. Yes I want some cheese with that whine. Mmmmm….wine.

In other news, I started doing some very preliminary research on baby gear, and I am already driving myself nuts. There is so much stuff and so many options and how do I choose? There is really only one big ticket item that I am completely set on and unwilling to compromise, and that is a BOB Stroller. It will be mine. Other than that, my goal is to buy/accumulate the least amount of stuff possible. Yes, I say this now. But we are going to use a hand me down crib from my cousin and whatever else is passed along to us by very generous family and friends.

Lastly, I got to hear the little munchkin’s heartbeat again this week at the doctor (strong in the high 150’s), and the date has been scheduled for the big 20 week ultrasound. February 26th we will be finding out if there’s a little boy or girl in there. Can’t wait!


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14 weeks

This photo was taken right after running six glorious miles OUTSIDE in 40 degree sunshine. Not only was it my longest run in quite some time, but I got to breathe in fresh air and soak up the sunshine. Afterwards I felt like a new person. So the picture. Can we talk about it? I still cannot believe how much of a bump I have at 14 weeks. I hope that doesn’t mean that there is a giant baby in there. Sheesh. I am also slightly afraid of my doctor telling me that I have gained too much weight so far when I see her tomorrow. According to “them,” I should only be up about 5 lbs right now, and I’m pretty sure I have that doubled. Easily. I am thinking it’s ok because I did start out at just a couple pounds over “Ironman weight,” so I was smaller than usual to begin with. And the last thing I want to do is get caught up in any numbers, but I do want to make sure that I am progressing in the most healthy way possible for me and the baby.

Baby is now the size of a lemon and is sucking his thumb and wiggling his toes. Awww.

I started reading a really good book:

Out of all of the pregnancy related books I have read (or started to read), I like this one the best because it is geared towards athletes, especially endurance athletes. It has a lot of great information on what type/how much exercise is ok during each trimester, as well as a lot of general info on what to expect at different times, nutrition tips, etc. Basically it says that if you were an athlete before getting pregnant, it is ok to keep doing a lot of the same types of workouts you were doing before, including those that are a little bit more intense. Obviously there is no reason to be maxing out your HR or over exerting yourself, but including some slightly more intense sessions is ok as long as you listen to your body and do not ignore any warning signs that you are overdoing it.

Speaking of exercise, I worked out five days last week, which is a record. Three days running, and two days on the bike trainer. I even did some body weight exercises (push ups, squats, lunges, planks) on more than one occasion. I feel like I am winning at life right now. I am without a doubt a better human when I am able to exercise, so I am very grateful to seemingly be “over the hump” of feeling crappy and on to feeling good! I even seem to have a little bit more energy in general, though I am still loving me some nap time. I am still not sleeping completely soundly at night, which is probably most of the problem.

I have been able to eat a lot healthier now that I am feeling good, and my diet has included multiple salads, vegetables on a daily basis, and fruit by the truckload it seems. Fruit is so so good right now, especially bananas, kiwis, blueberries and apples. Also in heavy rotation: hummus, eggs, greek yogurt, ice cream and popsicles. I have even cooked some actual meals lately with more than two ingredients. Winning again.

Things I miss: Running fast. Sometimes I really have the urge to just crank it up and go all out. I miss the dizzy exhausted feeling after pounding out speed intervals, and the great tired feeling after finishing a tempo run at faster than goal pace. I am very happy that running is still feeling good and I will not complain about it too much, but I do miss the intensity of training hard. Also, red wine and dark beer. Winter is normally a time when I enjoy one nightly adult beverage, typically a delicious vanilla porter or a delectable coffee stout. I just drooled while typing that.

Oh, one last thing. I ordered some maternity clothes super cheap from Old Navy so I would have them whenever I felt the need, and I rocked my maternity skinny jeans for the first time ever out to dinner on Saturday. It was like heaven and I am never going back. I propose that all pants from now on should be manufactured with an elastic waist. That is all.


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13 weeks

And…welcome to real time on the blog! As of today I am 13 weeks 3 days. Thanks for bearing with me as I got the posts up to speed.

Baby is now the size of a peach, is forming vocal cords and teeth and already has teeny tiny fingerprints.

I took this photo while we were down in Lake Geneva for the weekend. We went down to run the S-No-W Fun Run, which was kind of a bust. I had a bad stomach ache and couldn’t run (which probably was a good thing because I heard later that the course was very snowy/slushy/slippery). Steve forgot his running shoes so he didn’t run either. Doh!

I think I am finally past the queasy phase, and have been feeling pretty darn good. I am still tired and taking naps whenever I can, but I am no longer waking up in the 4am hour. Thank goodness for the little things. I am really happy to be liking normal foods again (no squash yet though). I have even cooked some meals complete with leftovers to eat at work instead of bringing yogurt and cereal. On Sunday night we went to Steve’s parents house and ordered Mama Mia’s take out. The spinach lasagna and garlic bread made me oh so happy. Also, my sweet tooth is raging and I have been having ice cream or popsicles every night despite the arctic temps outside. Speaking of which, all workouts as of late have been indoors, because this happened:

Are you noticing the little negative sign before the 15? It was MINUS 15 degrees on my way to work on Monday. That does not even account for the fact that the wind chill was approaching -50. There is something so wrong about that statement. Needless to say, the treadmill and bike trainer have been my friend lately.

One other interesting thing that I don’t think I have mentioned so far is that ever since getting pregnant, I have been having very vivid dreams. Like incredibly real to the point where it could have just actually happened. I have always been able to remember a lot of my dreams pretty well, but this is a whole new thing when I wake up. They are not necessarily weird dreams, they could be about something as mundane as calling to make a haircut appointment, but damn if I wouldn’t have to check my calendar and make sure it wasn’t for real.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people now that the news is out in the open. The top of the list is are you going to find out the gender? and do you think it’s a boy or a girl? 

To answer the first part, yes we are going to find out the gender. I can’t wait until our 20 week appointment to do so. As to which I would prefer, I go back and forth, and I don’t have a strong inkling one way or another. It goes without saying that I will be happy no matter what the gender as long as the baby is healthy. Very early on I had a (very vivid) dream that I gave birth to a 13 pound baby boy. Oh lord. Then the very next night I dreamt that it was a girl. So not helpful. I think it would be great to have a little girl, especially when I think about the close relationship I have with my mom. I would love to have that with my own daughter. But little boys are so cute and Steve could have a little helper doing mechanical things which would be adorable. Also I like boy names better, so there’s that. Just under seven weeks until we can find out!

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The holidays 2013

Just over a week into the new year, it is hard to believe that another holiday season has come and gone. Also hard to believe: next Christmas we will have a freaking child which will make my favorite holiday all that much more awesome. I can’t wait to start our own family Christmas traditions and to see our kid’s face as they experience the magic of the season. We are in store for so many firsts this year, it’s kind of hard to wrap my head around the whole thing.

Check out that bump! I think it looks pretty legit. I don’t know how much of it is baby and how much is delicious holiday food, but either way it was noticeable. Christmas was magical as always, and baby even got some unexpected gifts.

Ducky outfit from Great Grandma Joan.

And baby’s first Badgers outfit – perfect for Badger football season next fall. Love!

New year’s eve was spent at my aunt and uncle’s house as usual. Nothing better than being together with family, eating delicious food, and having a dance party, not to mention a massive sleep over complete with breakfast (monkey bread!) the next morning.

I got down with my bad self and my sparkling grape juice at midnight. It was a small miracle that I made it until the clock struck twelve, seeing as my normal bedtime is now creeping towards the eight o clock hour. The advantage of a sober NYE = waking up on Jan 1st and pounding out 5 miles on the treadmill to start the year off right! And with that, bye bye 2013! I have a feeling 2014 is going to be the best year ever!

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10 week appointment


At 10 weeks 1 day, we had our first appointment with my OB. I had an appointment at 7 weeks with the nurse practitioner for health history and labs, but this was the first time we would be meeting the actual doc. Back when I scheduled the appointment at 5 weeks, it seemed so.far.away. A lot of time to worry if everything was ok, even though I had no indication to tell me otherwise. I knew I would feel so much better after hearing that little heartbeat to verify that there was in fact a baby in there.

Steve met me for the appointment, which involved peeing in a cup, talking with the doc, and a physical exam. Then it was time to find the heartbeat with the doppler. The doc was very clear in warning me before we started that at 10 weeks, even with someone small like me, it is not always possible to find the heartbeat with the doppler. She said if that was the case, there was an ultrasound tech there that could do a quick ultrasound. Well sure enough, she tried for a good 5-10 mins with the doppler, and nothing. I thought I heard her say she was catching fragments of the heartbeat, but couldn’t lock it in, and that my uterus is tilted backwards which makes it harder. TMI? Sorry. Strangely, I wasn’t worried at all. I just had a feeling that everything was good, and we would have an ultrasound and it would be fine. After one last try, the doc said well, it’s being stubborn. I looked at Steve and said yep, that’s about right. It’s quite likely this kid may have the two most stubborn people on the planet for parents.

So, ultrasound it was. First she had to check if the tech was still there (our appointment was at 5pm), which sent me into a mini-worry that the tech would be gone for the night and we would have to come back the next day. But thankfully she was still there, and we got right to it. She explained that to see anything this early they use a vaginal ultrasound, and as soon as she started we could see the little baby! She said I was measuring at exactly 10 weeks 1 day, commenting that my cycles must have been very regular (they were), and we would be sticking with a due date of July 15th. She looked around at everything and took a lot of measurements as long as she was in there, and then she turned on sound for the heartbeat. It was super-strong and beating away at 175 bpm. When she pointed the wand back at the baby, we saw the arms and legs flail around which was admittedly really weird. It kind of became real that there is a tiny human moving around inside of me even though I can’t feel it yet.

When we left the appointment I told Steve that I was actually really glad that the doc couldn’t find the heartbeat right away because we got to have the ultrasound and actually see the baby. Normally at the place I go, they only do one ultrasound throughout the pregnancy (if everything is normal) at 20 weeks, which is the big gender reveal appointment. I am so happy that we got to have one earlier and got to take home a photo of the little munchkin.

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Weeks 8-10

Alright, continuing to catch up here. At 10 weeks I could no longer comfortably fold down the waistband on my very cute Lululemon capris. I’m sure what you see here is all bloat and not a real bump, but during these weeks my clothes started feeling tight and I moved towards living in athletic pants and leggings. Wait, that is nothing new, but lets just say most of my jeans were no longer comfortable and I dug my bigger pairs out of the closet.

I was for the most part still waking up for the day at an ungodly hour, making naps a requirement whenever possible. The nausea was a little better, but made a nasty re-appearance during week 9. I had to immediately eat a graham cracker upon waking to stave off the queasiness, and that worked pretty well. Very sadly, I lost my taste for squash and sweet potatoes. These are usual winter staples for me, and it is so weird to be grossed out by them. I couldn’t even stomach the thought of pumpkin flavored anything. Who am I?? I was craving a lot of creamy foods like yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese in general, ice cream and caesar salad. Dairy much? I also had a very specific craving for home made pasta from Albanese’s in Milwaukee. I haven’t been to the restaurant in years, and all of a sudden I just had to have it. Sadly, an internet search revealed that the restaurant closed in 2009. Sigh.

I would be remiss if I did not also mention the fact that I have been an emotional basket case. Things that have made me cry in no particular order:

1. Random internet videos featuring good samaritans, cute animals, and anything holiday related.

2. The Ellen show when she gave away Christmas presents to the audience a la Oprah’s favorite things.

3. Thinking about the holidays.

4. The movie Everybody’s Fine. In my defense, it is a tearjerker, but I was all out ugly crying and had to get up right before the end because I couldn’t take it anymore.

5. Friday Night Lights when Landry’s dad burned his car to destroy evidence of murder for his son.

6. Steve telling me that I wasn’t being nice to him one night.


During these weeks I ran and rode my bike trainer when I felt like it, which probably wasn’t a ton. I got outside for a few runs when the weather was ok, otherwise it was treadmill city up in here. Overall nothing too exciting to report about weeks 8-10. I was looking forward to my 10 week doctor appointment and especially to Christmas!

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