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Tri Bug

Triathlon is sort of like a disease in that it is infectious. Once you do one, it is easy to become hooked. Even if you haven’t done one, it is possible to be bitten by the bug. One way this can happen is by watching a race. The energy surrounding a race is infectious. The excitement is palpable, cities become abuzz on race day. This is especially true at Ironman WI, where the city of Madison becomes electric.

My husband does not work out, in fact he has not gotten much exercise since we met. I had always secretly hoped that my obsessive training would rub off on him, but I had come to accept the fact that he was just not into it. I felt bad during some weekends of Ironman training, when I would be gone for 6 hours at a time biking. I would try to get up really early so I could be back by early afternoon so we could still enjoy the summer days together.

Where is this all going? My husband came to Madison to cheer me on at Ironman. Sometime throughout the course of the day, he was bitten. Maybe it was standing out on the hills on the bike course watching the athletes grit their way to the top, determined. Maybe it was on State St, watching the runners go by and feeding off the excitement of the crowds. Maybe it was walking back to the hotel in the dark after the race, seeing the athletes still out there on State St, running, walking, moving slowly towards the finish line with great tenacity.

Whenever it was, it definitely happened, and the day after the race my husband told me he wants to do this. Not just a tri, but the Ironman. Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I was excited picturing the two of us training together. I was also a bit skeptical, after all, I have heard him express his distaste for running on multiple occasions. When I suggested he get into things slowly, do some shorter races next year and then decide if he wants to go for Ironman, he informed me that he would be doing Ironman. It was very matter of fact, and I understood because like me, he doesn’t do things half way. You are either in or you are out.

So it looks like we are both in for Ironman WI 2011. We went out and got an amazing closeout deal on two tri bikes.





Hopefully we will get to ride outside at least once before we are relegated to a long winter on the trainer. I have taken this journey once alone, and now I am more than excited to take it again and share it with my husband. Let the fun begin!


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