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Ambergris Caye

This is the first instalment of my Belize honeymoon recap. I will probably do this in 3 or 4 parts, as I have lots of pictures. We spent the first 5 nights of our honeymoon on Ambergris Caye, an island which is about a 15 min flight from Belize City International Airport. This photo was taken as we began our descent into Belize City:

The airport in Belize is very small, and they have a welcome bridge where people can stand to watch the arrivals:

We had a little snafu upon our arrival. Apparently a representative from a tour company was supposed to “meet and greet” us and send us on our way to the correct airline that would fly us to Ambergris Caye. No one met us, and the airline we thought we were supposed to be on did not have our names. We ended up spending $130 for two one way tickets since the flight was leaving in 10 minutes and we didn’t want to miss it. Hopefully we will be refunded for that, since it wasn’t really our fault.

Here we are on the tiny plane that took us over there:

Aerial view of the reef:

We landed in San Pedro and waited for our bags at the most hilarious “baggage claim” ever:

We took a short cab ride to our hotel, and by the time we checked in and got settled, it was dark. We sat out on the balcony and tried to get some shots of the moon illuminating the ocean.

Now, our hotel room here was a one bedroom apartment with a kitchen, which we thought would come in handy for saving some cash, not having to eat out all of the time. We quickly learned that nothing in Belize is cheap. In fact, we seriously thought we were ripped off at the first grocery store we went to. We bought a 1 liter bottle of Smirnoff vodka, a 1 liter bottle of local coconut rum, 2 containers of “juice,” and a bag of ice. The total, you may wonder? $74 US. Nothing had prices on it, so we paid, left, and figured the cashier was laughing all the way to the bank. Mwahaha, stupid Americans. It wasn’t until later in the week when we went to a more traditional grocery store, the kind with price tags, when we realized that no, we were not ripped off. A 1 liter bottle of Smirnoff is indeed $40 US. In fact, in our attempt to save money and cook spaghetti in our room, we spent $75 US, not really much of a savings at all.

The currency in Belize is just called “Belize.” $1 US = $2 BZ. US currency is accepted everywhere, but you will get your change in Belize. Here I am with some of their colorful money:

There is really only one kind of beer available in Belize (there are a few more choices if you are at a bar), and it is called Belikin. It is brewed right in Belize, and is one of the only things actually produced in the country, hence the outrageous prices on almost everything else. It was actually pretty tasty, and became my beverage of choice due to my its cheapness.

The choice method of transportation on the island is golf cart. We rented one to go to dinner one night, and though pricey, it was quite fun.

Here we are at dinner one night at the hotel restaurant:

This post has already become quite lengthy, and I haven’t even touched on the actual reason we were in Ambergris Caye to begin with – the diving! I also don’t have the pictures from my underwater camera developed yet, so I think I will cover our dive expeditions in another post. Here is a teaser from the professional underwater photographer that was with us one day:


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Happy Thanksgiving!

One year ago today, Steve and I were here:



That’s us in Grand Cayman, in the middle of a cruise of the Western Caribbean. In my opinion, a cruise ship is one of the best places to spend Thanksgiving. It is warm and tropical, and they even serve a traditional turkey dinner on the ship.

It also brings back memories of my very first cruise in 2004, also over Thanksgiving week. It was a celebration of my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary, and 26 of my family members were all on board:


Yes, we are wearing matching t-shirts that say “50 years of smooth sailing.” For a few different reasons, that cruise still ranks as my all time favorite vacation. My grandpa is no longer with us today, and this trip was a celebration of my grandparents and the amazing family that they created. It was also my first trip with Steve (we had been dating about 5 months). I remember warm nights standing outside with him on the ship, looking over the railing into the ocean. We talked and talked, really coming to know each other, falling more in love.

Four years later we are back from our honeymoon and really starting our lives together. I didn’t mean for this post to turn all sappy-like, but I really do have a lot to be thankful for. I have the best family ever, including the in-laws, and I am married to a wonderful man. I have awesome friends, and I am healthy. This may have been a tough year work-wise and finnancially, but the support of all of these people is really all that matters.

I am also extremely grateful for pumpkin pie.

And because I can’t help it:

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Back from beautiful Belize

We returned late Sunday night from our honeymoon in Belize, where we had an amazing time. I am just now starting to sort through the hundreds of pictures we took, so stay tuned over the next few days. I am planning to do seperate posts for each section of our trip so it is not as overwhelming. Here are some teasers of just a few of the things we saw.

View from our oceanfront suite on Ambergris Caye:

Arial view of the world’s second largest barrier reef:

Baby howler monkey:

Mayan Ruins at Caracol:

Beautiful waterfalls in the jungle:

Stay tuned for many more photos and a recap of the whole trip.

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